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Last 10 titles added:
  1. Go Berserk! (1987)
  2. Fission Chicken: Plan Ni...
  3. The Forbidden Airlock (1...
  4. Femme Noire (1989)
  5. Duck & Cover (1988)
  6. Dreams of a Dog (1990)
  7. Philbert Desanex' Dreams...
  8. Cattle Brain (1993)
  9. It Came Out on a Wednesd...
  10. Tomb of Horror (2017)
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Greg McBryde
  2. Lenka Simeckova
  3. Charlie Summers
  4. Beatrice James
  5. Steve Beaupre
  6. Johannes Marschallek
  7. Erik-Uwe Hecht - 'Eric Fish'
  8. Bob Alleger
  9. Alex Koda
  10. Philip Groves
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. Scarlotti, Arnie
  2. Pingas, Johnnie
  3. Earth-Lord (Marvel)(01 -...
  4. Tardy, Ken
  5. Rhoads, Frank
  6. Albelo, Joe 'Who'
  7. Zairne, Ron 'Covers'
  8. Keeblers, Morrie 'Fuzzy'
  9. Crespi, Dan 'Hairy'
  10. Morelli, John 'Squid'
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Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Best Humor Publication

Sergio Aragonés Groo the Wanderer (1985) by Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier [Marvel/Epic] (winner)
Flaming Carrot Comics (1988) by Bob Burden [Dark Horse]
Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book (1991) by Evan Dorkin [Marvel]
20 Nude Dancers 20 (1990) by Mark Martin [Tundra]--nomination was for specifically this issue.
Hate (1990) by Peter Bagge [Fantagraphics]
Naughty Bits (1991) by Roberta Gregory [Fantagraphics]

Bone (1991) by Jeff Smith [Cartoon Books] (winner)
Eightball (1989) by Dan Clowes (Fantagraphics)
Milk & Cheese (1991) by Evan Dorkin (Slave Labor)
Peepshow (1992) by Joe Matt (Drawn & Quarterly)
Nina's All-Time Greatest Collector's Item Classic Comics (1992) by Nina Paley (Dark Horse)
Hate (1990) by Peter Bagge (Fantagraphics)
Sergio Aragonés Groo the Wanderer (1985) by Sergio Aragonés with Mark Evanier (Marvel/Epic)
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (1989) Legends of the Dark Knight #38: "Legends of the Dark Mite" by Alan Grant and Kevin O'Neill (DC Comics)

Bone (1991) by Jeff Smith [Cartoon Books] (winner)
The Complete Bojeffries Saga (1992) by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse (Kitchen Sink)
Milk & Cheese (1991) by Evan Dorkin (Slave Labor)
Sergio Aragonés Groo the Wanderer (1985) by Sergio Aragonés with Mark Evanier (Marvel/Epic)
Simpsons Comics (1993) by Steve Vance, Cindy Vance, and Bill Morrison (Bongo)

Bone (1991) by Jeff Smith [Cartoon Books] (winner)
Hate (1990) by Peter Bagge (Fantagraphics)
Ranma ½ (1993) by Rumiko Takahashi (Viz)
Sergio Aragonés Groo (1994) by Sergio Aragonés with Mark Evanier (Image)
Sergio Aragonés Groo the Wanderer (1985) by Sergio Aragonés with Mark Evanier (Marvel/Epic)
Radioactive Man (1993) by Steve Vance, Bill Morrison and Cindy Vance (Bongo)

Milk & Cheese (1991) Milk & Cheese #666, by Evan Dorkin [Slave Labor] (winner)
Zippy's House of Fun (1995) by Bill Griffith (Fantagraphics)
The Acme Novelty Library (1993) by Chris Ware (Fantagraphics)
Eightball (1989) by Dan Clowes (Fantagraphics)
Comic Book (1995) by John Kricfalusi, Richard Pursel, Jim Smith, and Shane Glines (Marvel)

Sergio Aragones Destroys DC (1996) by Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragonés [DC] (winner)
Sergio Aragonés Massacres Marvel (1996) by Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragonés [Marvel] (winner)
Joy Ride (1996) by Carol Lay (Kitchen Sink)
Ragmop (1995) by Rob Walton (Planet Lucy)
Patty Cake (1995) by Scott Roberts (Permanent Press/Tapestry)
Empty Love Stories (1994) Empty Love Stories #2, Steve Darnall and various artists (Slave Labor)

Gon (1996) Gon Swimmin' by Masahi Tanaka [DC/Paradox Press] (winner)
Roswell: Little Green Man (1996) by Bill Morrison (Bongo)
Squee! (1997) by Jhonen Vasquez (Slave Labor)
Mystic Funnies (1997) by R. Crumb (Alex Wood, publisher)
The Seduction of Mike (1997) by R. Sikoryak and Michael Smith (Fantagraphics)

Sergio Aragonés' Groo (1998) by Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier [Dark Horse] (winner)
3 Geeks (1997) by Rick Koslowski [3 Finger Press]
Lenore (1998) by Roman Dirge [Slave Labor]
Empty Love Stories (1998) by Steve Darnall and various artists [Funny Valentine]
Simpsons Comics (1993) by various [Bongo]

Treehouse of Horror (1995) Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #5, by Jill Thompson, Oscar González Loyo, Steve Steere Jr., Scott Shaw!, Sergio Aragonés, and Doug TenNapel [Bongo] (winner)
Tomorrow Stories (1999) by Alan Moore, Rick Veitch, Kevin Nowlan, Melinda Gebbie, and Jim Baikie (DC Comics/Wildstorm/ABC)
Dork! (1993) by Evan Dorkin (SLG)
hey, mister (1998) by Pete Sickman-Garner (Top Shelf)
The Land of Nod (1997) Land of Nod Rockabye Book, by Jay Stephens (Dark Horse)

Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey (2000) by Tony Millionaire [Dark Horse/Maverick] (winner)
Fortune and Glory: A True Hollywood Comic Book Story (1999) by Brian Michael Bendis (Oni Press)
Snake 'N' Bacon's Cartoon Cabaret (2000) by Michael Kupperman (HarperCollins)
hey, mister (1998) Hey Mister: The Trouble with Jesus, by Pete Sickman-Garner (Top Shelf)
Dykes to Watch Out For (1986) Post-Dykes to Watch Out For, by Alison Bechdel (Firebrand Books)

Radioactive Man (2000) by Batton Lash, Abel Laxamana, Dan De Carlo, Mike DeCarlo, and Bob Smith [Bongo] (winner)
The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 3: Monkey Tales (2001) by Judd Winick (Oni Press)
Jingle Belle: The Mighty Elves (2001) by Paul Dini and J. Bone (Oni Press)
Dork! (1993) Dork #9, by Evan Dorkin (Slave Labor)
Bizarro Comics (2001) edited by Joey Cavalieri (DC Comics)
hey, mister (1998) Hey, Mister: Dial "M" for Mister, by Pete Sickman-Garner (Top Shelf)

The Amazing Screw-On Head (2002) by Mike Mignola [Dark Horse] (winner)
Dork! (1993) by Evan Dorkin (SLG)
The Pro. (2002) by Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner, and Jimmy Palmiotti (Image)
Fred the Clown (2001) by Roger Langridge (Hotel Fred Press)
Maakies (2000) The House at Maakies Corner, by Tony Millionaire (Fantagraphics)
Zippy Annual (2000) Zippy Annual 2002, by Bill Griffith (Fantagraphics)

Formerly Known as the Justice League (2003) Formerly Known as the Justice League by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis, Kevin Maguire, and Joe Rubinstein [DC] (winner)
The Goon (2003) by Eric Powell (Dark Horse)
The New Baker (2003) by Kyle Baker (Kyle Baker Publishing)
Dork! (1993) The Collected Dork, vol. 2: Circling the Drain, by Evan Dorkin (SLG)
What's Michael? (1997) What's Michael vols. 7 & 8, by Makoto Kobayashi (Dark Horse)

The Goon (2003) The Goon by Eric Powell [Dark Horse] (winner)
Birth of a Nation (2004) by Aaron McGruder, Reginald Hudlin, and Kyle Baker (Crown)
Angry Youth Comix (2000) by Johnny Ryan (Fantagraphics)
Kyle Baker Cartoonist (2004) by Kyle Baker (Kyle Baker Publishing)
Plastic Man (2004) by Kyle Baker and Scott Morse (DC Comics)

Flaming Carrot Comics (2004) Flaming Carrot Comics, by Bob Burden [Desperado/Image] (winner)
Truth Serum (2006) by Jon Adams (City Cyclops)
Tales Designed To Thrizzle (2005) by Michael Kupperman (Fantagraphics)
Onion Head Monster Attacks (2006) by Paul Friedrich (HellCar)
Schizo (1995) Schizo #4, by Ivan Brunetti (Fantagraphics)

The Perry Bible Fellowship (2001) Perry Bible Fellowship: The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories, by Nicholas Gurewitch [Dark Horse] (winner)
Johnny Hiro (2007) by Fred Chao (AdHouse Books)
Wonton Soup (2007) by James Stokoe (Oni Press)
Lucha Libre (2007) by Jerry Frissen, Bill, Gobi, Fabien M., Nikola Witko, HervŽ Tanquelle et al. (Image)
The Goon Noir (2006) edited by Matt Dryer (Dark Horse)

Herbie Archives (2008) by “Sean O’Shea” (Richard E. Hughes) and Ogden Whitney (Dark Horse) (winner)
Arsenic Lullaby: Pulp Edition (2007) Arsenic Lullaby Pulp Edition No. Zero, by Douglas Paszkiewicz (Arsenic Lullaby)
Chumble Spuzz (2008) by Ethan Nicolle (SLG)
Petey & Pussy (2008) by John Kerschbaum (Fantagraphics)
Wondermark (2003) Wondermark: Beards of Our Forefathers, by David Malki (Dark Horse)

Scott Pilgrim (2004) Scott Pilgrim vol. 5: Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe, by Bryan Lee O'Malley (Oni) (winner)
Everybody is Stupid Except for Me And Other Astute Observations (2009) by Peter Bagge (Fantagraphics)
The Muppet Show (2009) by Roger Langridge (BOOM Kids!)
Maakies (2000) Drinky Crow’s Maakies Treasury, by Tony Millionaire (Fantagraphics)
Little Lulu (2004) Little Lulu, vols. 19–21, by John Stanley and Irving Tripp (Dark Horse)

I Thought You Would Be Funnier (2010) by Shannon Wheeler (BOOM!) (winner)
Literature: Unsuccessfully Competing Against TV Since 1953 (2010) by Dave Kellett (Small Fish Studios)
Prime Baby (2010) by Gene Luen Yang (First Second)
Bongo Comics presents Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book (2010) by Ian Boothby, John Delaney, and Dan Davis (Bongo)
Afrodisiac (2009) by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca (Adhouse Books)
Drinking at the Movies (2010) by Julia Wertz (Three Rivers Press/Crown)

Milk And Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad! (2011) by Evan Dorkin (Dark Horse) (winner)
Coffee: It's What's for Dinner (2011) by Dave Kellett (Small Fish Studios)
The Art of Doug Sneyd (2011) by Doug Sneyd (Dark Horse)
Chimichanga (2009) by Eric Powell (Dark Horse)
Kinky & Cosy (2011) by Nix (NBM)

Darth Vader and Son (2012) by Jeffrey Brown (Chronicle) (winner)
Baby Blues (1991) BBXX: Baby Blues Decades 1 & 2, by Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman (Andrews McMeel)
Adventure Time (2012) by Ryan North, Shelli Paroline, and Braden Lamb (Boom!/kaboom!)
Naked Cartoonists (2012) edited by Gary Groth (Fantagraphics)

() by Jeffrey Brown (Chronicle) (winner)
Star Wars: Vader's Little Princess (2013) by Jeffrey Brown (Chronicle) (winner)
The Adventures of Superhero Girl (2013) by Faith Erin Hicks (Dark Horse)
Don Quixote (2011) by Miguel de Cervantes and Rob Davis (SelfMadeHero)
The (True!) History of Art (2013) by Sylvain Coissard and Alexis Lemoine (SelfMadeHero)
You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack (2013) by Tom Gauld (Drawn & Quarterly)

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