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Last 10 titles added:
  1. The Murder Mile (2013)
  2. The Good Inn (2014)
  3. Sandcastle (2011)
  4. Room for Love (2013)
  5. Rebetiko (2012)
  6. Dance by the Light of th...
  7. Fish + Chocolate (2011)
  8. Black Paths (2011)
  9. Behind the Curtain (2015...
  10. Deadbeats (2012)
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Paul Collicutt
  2. Josh Frank
  3. Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV - 'Black Francis'
  4. Jio Butler
  5. Nora Mahony
  6. Lizzie Spratt
  7. Emma Hayley
  8. Mikhail Bulgakov
  9. Laurence Sterne
  10. Abū Ḥamīd bin Abū Bakr Ibrāhīm - 'Attar of Nishapur'
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. Noguri, Hisharo
  2. Krupke, Prof. George
  3. Phil (DC)(Post-Flashpoin...
  4. Max (DC)(Post-Flashpoint...
  5. Barberi, Jordan
  6. Powell, Officer Liam
  7. Dagger Type
  8. Katsura, Yuri
  9. Katsura, Yuki
  10. Ali, Qadir
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Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Best Painter/Multimedia Artist

Dorman, Dave (Aliens: Tribes (Dark Horse)) (winner)
Bisley, Simon ("Lair of the Lizard Ladies," in Mr. Monster Attacks #3 (Tundra))
Bolton, John (Army of Darkness (Dark Horse))
Brereton, Daniel (Clive Barker: Dread (Eclipse))
Woodring, Jim (Frank in the River (Tundra); "Frank," in Pictopia #2 (Fantagraphics))
McKean, Dave (Signal to Noise (VG Graphics/Dark Horse))
Kristiansen, Teddy H. (Tarzan: Love, Lies, and the Lost City (Malibu))

Ross, Alex (Marvels (Marvel)) (winner)
Chiarello, Mark (Batman/Houdini: The Devil's Workshop (DC Comics))
Kristiansen, Teddy H. (Grendel Tales: Four Devils, One Hell (Dark Horse))
Hampton, Scott (The Upturned Stone (Kitchen Sink))

Muth, Jon Jay (Mystery Play (DC Comics/Vertigo)) (winner)
Woodring, Jim (Jim (Fantagraphics))
Silke, Jim (Rascals in Paradise (Dark Horse))
Moeller, Christopher 'Chris' (Shadow Empires: Faith Conquers (Dark Horse))
Prado, Miguelanxo (Streak of Chalk (NBM))

Bolton, John (Batman: Manbat (DC Comics)) (winner)
Kristiansen, Teddy H. (Bacchus Color Special (Dark Horse))
Wenzel, David T. (Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (NBM))
Winslade, Phil (Goddess (DC Comics/Vertigo))
Brereton, Daniel (The Nocturnals (Malibu/Bravura))

Ross, Alex (Kingdom Come (DC Comics)) (winner)
Linsner, Joseph Michael (Dawn (Sirius))
Prado, Miguelanxo (Tangents (NBM))
Brereton, Daniel (Thrillkiller (DC Comics))

Ross, Alex (Uncle Sam (DC Comics/Vertigo)) (winner)
Ha, Gene ("Free Fall,"in Marvel Shadows and Light (Marvel))
Hampton, Scott (Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty (DC Comics); Destiny: A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold, Book Two (DC Comics/Vertigo))
Bolton, John (Menz Insana; "The Flowers of Romance," in Vertigo: Winter's Edge (DC Comics/Vertigo))
Wenzel, David T. (The Wizard's Tale (Image/Homage))

Ross, Alex (Superman: Peace on Earth (DC Comics)) (winner)
Mack, David (Kabuki (Image))
Brereton, Daniel (Thrillkiller '62 (DC Comics))
Baker, Kyle (You Are Here (DC Comics/Vertigo))

Ross, Alex (Batman: War on Crime (DC Comics)) (winner)
Baker, Kyle ( I Die at Midnight (DC Comics/Vertigo); "Letitia Lerner, Superbaby's Babysitter" in Elseworlds 80-Page Giant (DC Comics))
Bolton, John (Gifts of the Night (DC Comics/Vertigo))
Thompson, Jill (Scary Godmother: The Mystery Date (Sirius))

Thompson, Jill (Scary Godmother: The Boo Flu (Sirius)) (winner)
Pratt, George (Batman: Harvest Breed (DC Comics))
Hislaire, Bernard - 'Yslaire' (From Cloud 99--Memories, Part I (Humanoids))
Mack, David (Kabuki #9 (Image))
Vess, Charles Dana (Rose #1 (Cartoon Books))
Gossett, Christian (The Red Star (Image))

Vess, Charles Dana (Rose (Cartoon Books)) (winner)
Van Fleet, John (Batman: The Ankh (DC Comics))
Mack, David (Daredevil #16-19 (Marvel))
McKean, Dave (Pictures That [Tick] (Hourglass/Allen Spiegel Fine Arts))
Snakebite (The Red Star (Image) - with Allen Coulter)
Coulter, A D (The Red Star (Image) - with Snakebite)

Pratt, George (Wolverine: Netsuke (Marvel)) (winner)
Drooker, Eric (Blood Song (Harcourt))
Mattotti, Lorenzo (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (NBM))
Mack, David (Kabuki: The Ghost Play (Image))

Thompson, Jill ("Stray," in The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings (Dark Horse)) (winner)
Quitely, Frank - 'Vincent Deighan' ("Destiny," in The Sandman: Endless Nights (DC Comics/Vertigo))
Prado, Miguelanxo ("Dream," in The Sandman: Endless Nights (DC Comics/Vertigo))
Guarnido, Juanjo (Blacksad (ibooks))
Ladrönn, Jose Omar - 'Ladrönn / J.O. Ladrönn' (Hip Flask: Elephantmen (Comicraft))

Kristiansen, Teddy H. (It's a Bird... (DC Comics/Vertigo)) (winner)
Templesmith, Ben (30 for Days of Night: Return to Barrow (IDW))
Guarnido, Juanjo (Blacksad, Book 2: Arctic Nation (iBooks))
Zulli, Michael (Creatures of the Night (Dark Horse))
Mack, David (Kabuki (Marvel))

Ladrönn, Jose Omar - 'Ladrönn / J.O. Ladrönn' (Hip Flask: Mystery City (Active Images)) (winner)
Templesmith, Ben (Fell (Image))
Guinan, Paul (Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate (IDW))
Williams, Kent Robert (The Fountain (DC Comics/Vertigo))

Thompson, Jill ("A Dog and His Boy" in The Dark Horse Book of Monsters; "Love Triangle" in Sexy Chix (Dark Horse);"Fair Division," in Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall (DC Comics/Vertigo)) (winner)
Templesmith, Ben (Fell (Image); The Looking Glass Wars: Hatter M (Desperado/Image); Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse (IDW))
de Crécy, Nicolas (Glacial Period (NBM))
Gebbie, Melinda (Lost Girls (Top Shelf))
Weldele, Brett (Southland Tales: Prequel Saga (Graphitti); Silent Ghost (Markosia))

Powell, Eric (The Goon: Chinatown (Dark Horse)) (winner)
Talbot, Bryan (Alice in Sunderland (Dark Horse))
Templesmith, Ben (Fell (Image); 30 Days of Night: Red Snow; Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse (IDW))
Fleming, Ann Marie (The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam (Riverhead Books/Penguin Group))

Thompson, Jill (Magic Trixie, Magic Trixie Sleeps Over (HarperCollins Children’s Books)) (winner)
Campbell, Eddie (The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard (First Second))
Casarosa, Enrico (The Venice Chronicles (Ateliér Fio/AdHouse Books))
Morse, Scott (Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! (Red Window))
Barry, Lynda (What It Is (Drawn & Quarterly))

Thompson, Jill (for Beasts of Burden [Dark Horse]; Magic Trixie and the Dragon [HarperCollins]) (winner)
Fuller, Nicolle Rager (Charles Darwin on the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation (Rodale Books))
Cascioli, Mauro (Justice League: Cry for Justice (DC Comics))
Bravo, Émile (My Mommy is in America and Met Buffalo Bill (Fanfare/Ponent Mon))
Tyler, Carol - 'C. Tyler' (You’ll Never Know: A Good and Decent Man (Fantagraphics))

Guarnido, Juanjo (Blacksad (Dark Horse)) (winner)
Liberge, Eric (On the Odd Hours (NBM))
Barry, Lynda (Picture This: The Nearsighted Monkey Book (Drawn & Quarterly))
Lee, Janet K. (Return of the Dapper Men (Archaia))
Evens, Brecht (The Wrong Place (Drawn & Quarterly))
Tyler, Carol - 'C. Tyler' (You’ll Never Know Book 2: Collateral Damage (Fantagraphics))

Guarnido, Juanjo (Blacksad: A Silent Hell (Dark Horse)) (winner)
Mattotti, Lorenzo (The Crackle of the Frost (Fantagraphics))
Evens, Brecht (The Making Of (Drawn & Quarterly))
Terada, Katsuya (The Monkey King vol. 2 (Dark Horse))
Kristiansen, Teddy H. (The Red Diary/The RE[a]D Diary (Man of Action/Image))

Staples, Fiona (Saga (Image)) (winner)
Van Cook, Marguerite (7 Miles a Second (Fantagraphics))
Sanchéz, Sonia (Here I Am (Capstone))
Robinson, Andrew C. (The Fifth Beatle (Dark Horse))
Svorcina, Ive (Thor (Marvel))
Vanistendael, Judith (When David Lost His Voice (SelfMadeHero))

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