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Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Best Writer/Artist, Humor

Smith, Jeff (Bone (Cartoon Books)) (winner)
Aragonés, Sergio (Groo (Marvel/Epic/Image))
Paley, Nina (Nina's New & Improved All-Time Greatest Collector's Item Classics Comics #1 (Dark Horse))
Takahashi, Rumiko - '高橋 留美子' (Ranma ˝ (Viz))
Ware, Chris (The Acme Novelty Library (Fantagraphics))
Rosa, Don - 'Keno Don Hugo Rosa' (Uncle Scrooge (Gladstone))

Aragonés, Sergio (Groo (Image)) (winner)
Deitch, Kim ("The Strange Secret of Molly O'Dare," Zero Zero (Fantagraphics))
Clowes, Daniel - 'Stosh Gillespie' (Eightball (Fantagraphics))
Dorkin, Evan (Instant Piano stories (Dark Horse); Milk & Cheese #666, Dork #3 (Slave Labor))
Woodring, Jim (Jim, Jim Special (Fantagraphics))
Ware, Chris (The Acme Novelty Library (Fantagraphics))

Rosa, Don - 'Keno Don Hugo Rosa' (Walt Disney's Comics & Stories; Uncle Scrooge (Gladstone)) (winner)
Crilley, Mark (Akiko (Sirius))
Tanaka, Masashi - '田中政志' (Gon (DC Comics/Paradox Press))
Lay, Carol (Joy Ride and Other Stories (Kitchen Sink))
Hempel, Marc (Tug & Buster (Art & Soul))
Lash, Batton (Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre (Exhibit A Press))

Smith, Jeff (Bone (Cartoon Books)) (winner)
Tanaka, Masashi - '田中政志' (Gon (DC Comics/Paradox Press))
Morrison, Bill (Roswell, Little Green Man (Bongo))
Crumb, Robert - 'R. Crumb' (Self-Loathing (Fantagraphics); Mystic Funnies (Alex Wood, publisher))
Ware, Chris (The Acme Novelty Library (Fantagraphics))

Baker, Kyle (You Are Here (DC Comics/Vertigo)) (winner)
Dorkin, Evan (Dork (Slave Labor))
Dirge, Roman - 'Scoobs' (Lenore (Slave Labor))
Koslowski, Rich (The 3 Geeks (3 Finger Press))
Lash, Batton (Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre; Mavis (Exhibit A Press))

Baker, Kyle (I Die at Midnight (DC Comics/Vertigo); "Letitia Lerner, Superbaby's Babysitter" in Elseworlds 80-Page Giant (DC Comics)) (winner)
Aragonés, Sergio ("Xt'Tapalatakettle's Day" in Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #5 (Bongo); Sergio Aragones' Groo & Rufferto (Dark Horse/Maverick); MAD magazine)
Crilley, Mark (Akiko (Sirius))
Hosler, Jay (Clan Apis (Active Synapse))
Chabosy, Laurent - 'Lewis Trondheim' (The Nimrod; "The Beach" in Measles #3 (Fantagraphics))

Millionaire, Tony - 'Scott Richardson' (Maakies (Fantagraphics), Sock Monkey (Dark Horse/Maverick)) (winner)
Sickman-Garner, Pete (Hey, Mister (Top Shelf))
Katchor, Ben (Julius Knipl: The Beauty Supply District (Random House/Pantheon))
Bechdel, Alison (Post-Dykes to Watch Out For (Firebrand))
Kupperman, Michael - 'P. Revess' (Snake 'n' Bacon Cartoon Cabaret (HarperCollins))
Winick, Judd (The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius, 2.0 (Oni Press))

Dorkin, Evan (Dork (Slave Labor)) (winner)
Kobayashi, Makoto - '小林まこと' ("What's Michael?" in Super Manga Blast (Dark Horse))
Clugston-Major, Chynna (Blue Monday: Absolute Beginners (Oni Press))
Ware, Chris (The Acme Novelty Library (Fantagraphics))
Winick, Judd (The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 3: Monkey Tales (Oni Press))
Beland, Tom (True Story, Swear to God (Clib's Boy Comics))

Millionaire, Tony - 'Scott Richardson' (House at Maakies Corner (Fantagraphics)) (winner)
Langridge, Roger (Fred the Clown (Hotel Fred Press))
Deitch, Kim (Stuff of Dreams (Fantagraphics))
Backderf, John 'Derf' (Trashed: True Tales from the Back of a Garbage Truck (SLG))

Baker, Kyle (Plastic Man (DC Comics); The New Baker (Kyle Baker Publishing)) (winner)
Smith, Jeff (Bone (Cartoon Books))
Sfar, Joann (Little Vampire Does Kung Fu!, Little Vampire Goes to School (Simon & Shuster))
Millionaire, Tony - 'Scott Richardson' (Sock Monkey (Dark Horse))
Powell, Eric (The Goon (Dark Horse))

Baker, Kyle (Plastic Man (DC Comics); Kyle Baker, Cartoonist (Kyle Baker Publishing)) (winner)
Ryan, Johnny (Angry Youth Comix (Fantagraphics))
Foglio, Phil (Girl Genius (Airship Entertainment))
Kurtz, Scott R. (PvP (Image))
Powell, Eric (The Goon (Dark Horse))

Baker, Kyle (for Plastic Man [DC] and The Bakers [Kyle Baker Publishing]) (winner)
Braddock, Paige (Jane's World (Girl Twirl))
O'Malley, Bryan Lee (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Oni Press))
Powell, Eric (The Goon (Dark Horse))
Gallant, Gregory - 'Seth' (Wimbledon Green (Drawn & Quarterly))

Millionaire, Tony - 'Scott Richardson' (Billy Hazelnuts (Fantagraphics); Sock Monkey: The Inches Incident (Dark Horse)) (winner)
Chabosy, Laurent - 'Lewis Trondheim' (A.L.I.E.E.E.N. (First Second); Mr. I (NBM))
Brunetti, Ivan (Schizo (Fantagraphics))
Kupperman, Michael - 'P. Revess' (Tales Designed to Thrizzle (Fantagraphics))
Carré, Lilli (Tales of Woodsman Pete (Top Shelf))

Powell, Eric (The Goon (Dark Horse)) (winner)
Chao, Fred (Johnny Hiro (AdHouse Books))
Graham, Brandon (King City (Tokyopop); Multiple Warheads (Oni Press))
Baker, Kyle (The Bakers: Babies and Kittens (Image))
Stokoe, James (Wonton Soup (Oni Press))

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