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Last 10 titles added:
  1. Fairy Tail Zero (2016)
  2. Stacia Stories (1995)
  3. Boston Metaphysical Soci...
  4. Зат...
  5. Garfield: Unreality TV (...
  6. The Invention of E.J. Wh...
  7. Generations (2017)
  8. DC Super Hero Girls: Dat...
  9. B.C. (1968)
  10. Awaken Skies Vol. 1 (201...
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Leah Hirsch
  2. Dan Gregory
  3. Axel Bordelon
  4. Gwynn Tavares
  5. Vitaly Mukhametzyanov - 'Виталий Мухаметзянов'
  6. Ruslan Suleymanov - 'Руслан Сулейманов'
  7. Oleg Khalimov - 'Олег Халимов'
  8. Emily Rosen - 'Emi Roze'
  9. Shanna Lim
  10. Hasani C. McIntosh
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. Albelo, Joe "Who"
  2. Zairne, Ron "Covers"
  3. Keeblers, Morrie "Fuzzy"
  4. Crespi, Dan "Hairy"
  5. Morelli, John "Squid"
  6. Shade (Marvel)(01 - Muta...
  7. Jordan, Eric
  8. Gomez (The Lost World)
  9. Zambo
  10. McArdle
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Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition

Dorkin, Evan (for Milk and Cheese; Hectic Planet; Dork!; Instant Piano [Slave Labor Graphics]) (winner)
Simpson, Donald Edward - 'Dandy Don' (for Don Simpson\'s Bizarre Heroes [Fiasco Comics])
Grist, Paul (for Kane; Grendel Tales [Dancing Elephant; Dark Horse])
Paley, Nina (for Nina\'s Adventures [syndicated in newspapers])
Takahashi, Rumiko - '高橋 留美子' (for Ranma ; Mermaid Forest [Viz Comics])

Sakai, Stan (for Usagi Yojimbo [Dark Horse]) (winner)
Nicholson, Jeff (for Father & Son; Through the Habitrails; and others [Kitchen Sink Press and others])
Kuper, Peter (for Kafka: Give it Up!; Stripped; and others [Fantagraphics and others])
Sacco, Joe (for Palestine [Fantagraphics])
Gallant, Gregory - 'Seth' (for Palookaville [Drawn & Quarterly])
Deitch, Kim (for Zero Zero; Waldo World and others [Fantagraphics and others])

Delgado, Ricardo (for Age of Reptiles [Dark Horse]) (winner)
Drechsler, Debbie (for Daddy\'s Girl; Nowhere [Fantagraphics])
Walton, Robert 'Rob' (for Ragmop [Planet Lucy Press])
Hastings, Jon - 'Bean' (for Smith Brown Jones [Kiwi Studios])
Millidge, Gary Spencer (for Strangehaven [Abiogenesis Press])
Lash, Batton (for Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre [Exhibit A Press])

Medley, Linda M. (for Castle Waiting [Olio]) (winner)
Grist, Paul (for Kane [Dancing Elephant Press])
Fingerman, Bob (for Minimum Wage [Fantagraphics])
Shipman, Gary (for Pakkins\' Land [Caliber])
Shipman, Rhoda (for Pakkins\' Land [Caliber])
Morrison, Bill (for Roswell; Little Green Man [Bongo])
Thompson, Jill (for Scary Godmother [Sirius])

Bendis, Brian Michael (for Jinx; Goldfish; Torso [Image]) (winner)
Conley, Steve (for Astounding Space Thrills [Day One Comics])
Hernandez, Lea (for Cathedral Child [Image])
Morse, Scott - 'C. S. Morse' (for Soulwind, The Visitation, etc. [Image and others])
Gertler, Nat (for The Factor [About Comics])

Millionaire, Tony - 'Scott Richardson' (for Sock Monkey [Maverick/Dark Horse]) (winner)
Forney, Ellen (for Monkey Food [Fantagraphics Books])
Schrag, Ariel (for Potential [Slave Labor Graphics])
Marvit, Lawrence (for Sparks [Slave Labor Graphics])
Winick, Judd (for The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius [Image])

Robinson, Alex (for Box Office Poison [Antarctic Press]) (winner)
Bone, Jason - 'J. Bone' (for Allison Dare; Solar Stella [Oni Press])
Smylie, Mark (for Artesia [Archaia Studios/Sirius])
Mills, Scott (for Big Clay Pot [Top Shelf])
Doherty, Catherine (for Can of Worms [Fantagraphics Books])
Brennan, Michael - 'Mike Brennan' (for Electric Girl [AiT/Planet Lar])

Horrocks, Dylan - 'Mrs. Dolan Hicks' (for Hicksville and Atlas [Drawn & Quarterly]) (winner)
Dela Cruz, Arthur (for Kissing Chaos [Oni Press])
Benka, Jen (for Manya [Vagabond Press])
Dresen, Kris (for Manya [Vagabond Press])
Haspiel, Dean - 'Dino' (for Opposable Thumbs [Alternative Comics])
Bertozzi, Nick (for The Masochists [Alternative Comics])

Shiga, Jason (for Fleep [Absence of Ink]) (winner)
Murphy, Myatt (for Fade From Blue [Second 2 Some Studios])
Dalrymple, Scott (for Fade From Blue [Second 2 Some Studios])
Hahn, Richard (for Lumakick [Lumakick Studio])
Shaw, Justine (for Nowhere Girl [self-published at])
Page, Tyler (for Stylish Vittles [Dementian Comics])

Kim, Derek Kirk - 'Derek Kirk' (for Same Difference and Other Stories [self-published]) (winner)
Norrie, Christine (for Cheat [Oni Press])
Towele, Ben (for Farewell, Georgia [SLG Publishing])
Wood, Brian (for The Couriers; Chanel Zero: Jennie One, Demo [AiT/Planet Lar])
Parker, Jeff (for The Interman [Octopus])

McKeever, Sean Kelley (for The Waiting Place; Mary Jane; Inhumans; Sentinels [SLG Publishing; Marvel]) (winner)
Cammuso, Frank (for Max Hamm, Fairy Tale Detective [Nite Owl Comix])
Telgemeier, Raina (for Smile (A Dental Drama); and Take Out [Girlamatic; self-published])
Fawstin, Bosch (for Table for One [Mainspring])
Kindt, Matt (for Two Sisters; Pistolwhip [Top Shelf])

Renier, Aaron (for Spiral-Bound [Top Shelf]) (winner)
Vernon, Ursula (for Digger (Sofawolf))
Brown, Dawn (for Ravenous (Speakeasy); Little Red Hot (Image))
Micheletti, Zak - 'Zak Sally' (for Recidivist (La Mano))

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