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Last 10 titles added:
  1. Infinity Gauntlet Omnibu...
  2. Reuse@!! (2014)
  3. Darksheer (1994)
  4. The Birthday Gift (2008)
  5. Reuse@ (2013)
  6. Ramar of the Jungle (195...
  7. Marvels Of Science (1946...
  8. Lawbreakers (1951)
  9. Reuse@! (2014)
  10. Lawbreakers Suspense Sto...
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Shaun Mitchell
  2. Fumio Agata - '県 文緒'
  3. Herman Browner
  4. Robert Sanders
  5. Bob Seevers
  6. Ken Brickley
  7. Marcus Nicholas Almand - 'M. Nicholas Almand'
  8. Paul Whitmore
  9. Dennis Laugen
  10. Westbrook Wilson
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. Blok (DC)(Legion - 5 Yea...
  2. Timber Wolf (DC)(Legion ...
  3. Mordru (DC)(Legion - 5 Y...
  4. Vidar (DC)(Legion - 5 Ye...
  5. Ranzz (DC)(Legion - 5 Ye...
  6. Ranzz (DC)(Legion - 5 Ye...
  7. Roxxas (DC)(Legion - 5 Y...
  8. Erin (DC)(Legion - 5 Yea...
  9. Nah (DC)(Legion - 5 Year...
  10. Nal (DC)(Legion - 5 Year...
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Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Best Writer/Artist

Gibbons, Dave (Watchmen [DC] - with Alan Moore) (winner)
Moore, Alan - 'Curt Vile / Jill Deray / The Original Writer' (Watchmen [DC] - with Dave Gibbons) (winner)
Chadwick, Paul (Concrete [Dark Horse])
McCloud, Scott (Zot! [Eclipse])

Chadwick, Paul (Concrete [Dark Horse]) (winner)
Vance, James (Kings In Disguise [Kitchen Sink] - with Dan Burr)
Burr, Dan E. (Kings In Disguise [Kitchen Sink] - with James Vance)
Rude, Steve - 'The Dude' (Nexus [First] - with Mike Baron and various artists)
Baron, Mike (Nexus [First] - with Steve Rude and various artists)
Waller, Reed (Omaha the Cat Dancer [Kitchen Sink] - with Kate Worley)
Worley, Kate (Omaha the Cat Dancer [Kitchen Sink] - with Reed Waller)
Schultz, Mark (Xenozoic Tales [Kitchen Sink])

Darrow, Geofrey 'Geof'' (with Frank Miller) (winner)
Miller, Frank (with Geof Darrow) (winner)
Campbell, Eddie
Sim, Dave (Cerebus [Aardvark-Vanaheim])
Bagge, Peter (Hate [Fantagraphics])
Hernandez, Gilbert - 'Beto' (Love and Rockets [Fantagraphics])
Hernandez, Jaime - 'Xaime' (Love and Rockets [Fantagraphics])

Miller, Frank ("Sin City," Dark Horse Presents [Dark Horse]) (winner)
Smith, Jeff (Bone [Cartoon Books])
Campbell, Eddie (Deadface; The Eyeball Kid [Dark Horse])
Clowes, Daniel - 'Stosh Gillespie' (Eightball [Fantagraphics])
Bagge, Peter (Hate [Fantagraphics])
Wagner, Matt (Legends of the Dark Knight: "Faces" [DC])
Talbot, Bryan (Legends of the Dark Knight: "Mask" [DC])
Allred, Michael D. 'Mike' - 'Doc' (Madman [Tundra])
Gregory, Roberta (Naughty Bits [Fantagraphics])
Schultz, Mark (Xenozoic Tales [Kitchen Sink])

Smith, Jeff (Bone [Cartoon Books]) (winner)
Gregory, Roberta (Naughty Bits [Fantagraphics])
Sakai, Stan (Usagi Yojimbo [Fantagraphics/Mirage])
Van Horn, William (Walt Disney's Comics & Stories; Donald Duck Adventures [Gladstone])
Foglio, Phil (Xxxenophile [Palliard Press])

Mignola, Mike (Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction [Dark Horse/Legend]) (winner)
Chadwick, Paul (Concrete: Killer Smile [Dark Horse/Legend])
Lutes, Jason (Jar of Fools [Penny Dreadful])
Moore, Terry (Strangers in Paradise [Abstract Studio])
Talbot, Bryan (The Tale of One Bad Rat [Dark Horse])

Miller, Frank (300 [Dark Horse]) (winner)
Mignola, Mike (Hellboy: Almost Colossus; Hellboy Christmas Special; Hellboy Jr. Halloween Special [Dark Horse]) (winner)
Giardino, Vittorio (A Jew in Communist Prague [NBM])
Lutes, Jason (Berlin [Black Eye])
Medley, Linda M. (Castle Waiting [Olio])
Clowes, Daniel - 'Stosh Gillespie' (Eightball [Fantagraphics])
Eisner, William Erwin - 'Will Eisner' (Family Matter [Kitchen Sink])
Davis, Alan (Justice League of America: The Nail [DC])
Lapham, David (Stray Bullets [El Capitan])
Lapham, David (Stray Bullets, Amy Racecar Color Special #1 [El Capitan])
Geary, Rick (The Borden Tragedy [NBM])
Sakai, Stan (Usagi Yojmbo [Dark Horse])

Clowes, Daniel - 'Stosh Gillespie' (Eightball [Fantagraphics]) (winner)
Ware, Chris (Acme Novelty Library [Fantagraphics])
Juillard, André (After the Rain [NBM])
Talbot, Bryan (Heart of Empire [Dark Horse])
Lapham, David (Stray Bullets, Amy Racecar Special #2 [El Capitán])

Shanower, Eric (Age of Bronze [Image]) (winner)
Lutes, Jason (Berlin [Drawn & Quarterly])
Kawaguchi, Kaiji - 'かわぐちかい&#' (Eagle [Viz])
Hislaire, Bernard - 'Yslaire' (From Cloud 99--Memories, Part I [Humanoids])
Sacco, Joe (Safe Area: Gorazde [Fantagraphics])

Clowes, Daniel - 'Stosh Gillespie' (Eightball [Fantagraphics]) (winner)
McNeil, Carla Speed (Finder [Lightspeed])
Abel, Jessica (La Perdida [Fantagraphics])
Tomine, Adrian (Optic Nerve [Drawn & Quarterly])
Sturm, James (The Golem's Mighty Swing [Drawn & Quarterly])

Shanower, Eric (Age of Bronze [Image]) (winner)
McNeil, Carla Speed (Finder [Lightspeed Press])
Abel, Jessica (La Perdida [Fantagraphics])
Barry, Lynda (One! Hundred! Demons! [Sasquatch Books])
Antangan, Patrick (The Yellow Jar [NBM])

Thompson, Craig Matthew (Blankets [Top Shelf]) (winner)
Hornschemeier, Paul (Forlorn Funnies [Absence of Ink])
Pope, Paul (Giant THB v.2 #1 [Horse Press])
Hernandez, Jaime - 'Xaime' (Love and Rockets [Fantagraphics])
Inoue, Takehiko - '井上雄彦' (Vagabond [Viz])

Chadwick, Paul (Concrete: The Human Dilemma [Dark Horse]) (winner)
Clowes, Daniel - 'Stosh Gillespie' (Eightball #23 [Fantagraphics])
Tomine, Adrian (Optic Nerve #9 [Drawn & Quarterly])
Lapham, David (Stray Bullets [El Capitan])
Sakai, Stan (Usagi Yojimbo [Dark Horse])

Darrow, Geofrey 'Geof'' (for Shaolin Cowboy [Burlyman]) (winner)

Ware, Chris (Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library (Acme)) (winner)

Mazzucchelli, David (Asterios Polyp (Pantheon)) (winner)

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