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Last 10 titles added:
  1. Tainted (2019)
  2. Uncle Pogo So-So Stories...
  3. X-Men: Onslaught Afterma...
  4. Dark Angels of Darkness ...
  5. reuse@ (2018)
  6. BGAOC (2020)
  7. Amy's Diary (2019)
  8. Belzebubs (2019)
  9. Marvel's Spider-Man: Cit...
  10. Jesusfreak (2019)
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Marc Huizinga
  2. Diana Noriega
  3. Reinhard Buhisan
  4. Francoise Valmoria
  5. Dean Kish
  6. Tiffany Turill
  7. Laëtitia Aynié
  8. India Desjardins
  9. Puck van Beekum
  10. Willem Hagg
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. Tiger God (Marvel)
  2. Fallout (DC) (Post Flash...
  3. Blacksmith (DC) (Post Fl...
  4. Naomi (DC) (Post Flashpo...
  5. Paparazzi (DC)(Post Flas...
  6. Misha (DC)(Post Flashpoi...
  7. Handyman (DC)(Post Flash...
  8. Cataract (DC)(Post Flash...
  9. Creel, Edmond
  10. Creel, Raina
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La Bel Dame Sans Merci
La casa dorata di Samarcanda
La iniciativa
La Reine des ombres
La stella dimenticata di Laurie Bloom
La Tormenta
La Vallée des monstres-fantômes
La Vie en Sang
Labyrinth, The
Lady Bullseye
Lady Liberators
Land Before Crime
Land of Happy Endings, The
Land of the Blind
Lapdogs and Englishmen
Larger World, A
Last Age of Magic, The
Last Arkham, The
Last Blood
Last Boy on Earth!, The
Last Day, The
Last Days Of
Last Days of Camelot, The
Last Days of Gotham
Last Days of Magic, The
Last Days of Midgard, The
Last Embers
Last Flight of the Harbinger, The
Last Galactus Story
Last Gleaming
Last Iron Fist Story, The
Last Knights of Wundagore, The
Last Man Standing
Last of the Dragons
Last Ride of the Howling Commandos, The
Last Rites (Batman)
Last Rites (Daredevil)
Last Rites (Doctor Strange)
Last Rites (Monolith)
Last Son
Last Stand of New Krypton
Last Stand of the Spirits of Vengeance
Last Stand, The
Last Suppers, The
Last Will
Last Wolverine Story, The
Last Word, The
last years of our lives., The
Last/Final Entry
Latter Days
Latverian Prometheus
Laughing Fish, The
Laughing House, The
Laughing Magician, The
Laughing Mirror, The
Lazarus Affair, The
Lazarus Contract, The
Lazarus Project, The
Le chasseur-loup
Le maître des fauves
League of Losers
League of Shadows
League of Their Own, A
Leaping Metal Dragon
Learning Curve (Soldier Zero)
Learning Curve (Ultimate Spider-Man)
Learning to Crawl
Leaves of Grass
Left Hand Path, The
Legacy (Batman)
Legacy (Exiles)
Legacy (Justice League)
Legacy (Teen Titans)
Legacy (Ultimate Spider-Man)
Legacy of Luther Arkwright, The
Legacy of Spock
Legacy of the Wolf
Legacy of Torchwood One!, The
Legacy of Unicron!, The
Legend (Ghost Rider)
Legend, The
Legends (DC)
Legends (Powers)
Legends and Lore of the Dark Dimension
Legends in Exile
Legends of the Blue Bomber
Legends of the Dead Earth
Legion of Doom
Legion of Light, The
Legion of Monsters
Legion of the Black Orchid, The
Legion of the Damned
Legion of Vengeance
Legion Quest
Leon Falix
Lesser of Two Evils, The
Lesson in Courtesy, A
Lesson, The
Lessons in Time
Let Him Who is Without Sin
Let the Games Begin!
Lethal Protector
Letters From Lost Countries
Letters from the Underworld
Leviathan (DC)
Leviathan (Star Trek)
Leviathan (Unwritten)
Libby in the Lost World
Lies of Our Fathers
Lies, The
Life & Death of Conan, The
Life After Death
Life After God
Life Among Them
Life and Death
Life and Death and Other Card Tricks
Life and Death of Johnny Alpha, The
Life and Deathblow
Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, The
Life Bringer, The
Life During War Time
Life in the Co-Op
Life Is Full of Disappointments
Life Lines
Life of Matter and Death, A
Life Signs
Life's End

Lifetime Achievement
Lift (Lazarus)
Light in the Dark, The
Light the Night!
Lightning and Stars
Lightning in a Bottle
Lightning Saga, The
Lightning Strikes Twice (Flash)
Lightning Strikes Twice (Superman)
Lights Out (Post Flashpoint)
Lights out! (Post Crisis)
Like a
Like A God
Like a Hurricane
Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron
Lil' Evil VS The Monsters
Lil' Leaguers
Line of Succession
Lines Not Crossed
Lionheart of Avalon
Little Better Than a Beast
Little Deaths
Little Mermaid, The
Little Miss Muffet
Little More Than Kin, A
Little Murder, A
Little Piece of Home, A
Little Sisters of Eluria, The
Live and Let Die
Live Fast
Live Kree Or Die
Live Not On Evil
Live Through This
Livers, The
Living in Darkness
Living in the Past
Living Planet (Doctor Who), The
Living Planet (Exiles)
Living with Sin
Lobo, P. I.
Local Heroes
Lock and/or Key
Lockdown, The
Lodger, The
Logan Dies
Logan Files, The
Lois Lane Girl Reporter
Lois Lane, Back at the Planet
London Falling
Lonely at the Top
Lonely City
Lonely Place of Dying, A
Lonely Place of Living, A
Long Cold Dark
Long Cold Kill!, The
Long Fail, The
Long Hot Summer
Long Live The King!
Long Live the Legion
Long March Home, The
Long Night's Journey...
Long Road
Long Road Home (Catwoman), The
Long Road Home (Dark Tower), The
Long Shadows
Long Way Down
Long Way Home, The
Long-Term Arrangement
Longest Day, The
Longest Winter, The
Loose Ends
Lord of Lightning, The
Lords of Luck, The
Lords of Order, The
Lords of the Ether!
Los Fantásticos
Losin' It!
Lost & Found (DC) (JSA)
Lost and Found (Angel & Faith)
Lost and Found (DC) (Teen Titans)
Lost and Found (Marvel)
Lost Boy, The
Lost Cargo
Lost Children
Lost Coastlines
Lost Dimension, The
Lost Gods of Kobol, The
Lost Hearts
Lost In Amazonis
Lost in Space-Time
Lost in the Plot
Lost in the Shadows
Lost in Time
Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, The
Lost Kings, The
Lost Souls
Lost Voices
Lotus Seed, The
Louder Than a Bomb
Love -- and Loss!
Love & Lies
Love & Marriage
Love & War
Love and Bullets
Love and Murder
Love Dares You
Love in Vain
Love Invasion, The
Love Is Colder Than Death
Love Me Tender
Love Rebels
Love Showdown
Love Stories for Dead People
Love Wars
Lovely, Dark, and Deep
Lovers & Madmen
Low Road to Golden Mountain
Loyalties (Star Wars)
Lunar Lagoon
Lunar Strangers, The
Lurking Fate That Came to Lovecraft, The
Lust For Life
Lynch: One Last Thing
Lyrical Love

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