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Last 10 titles added:
  1. Avengers Vs. X-Men: VS (...
  2. Griezel Classics (1974)
  3. Chamber of Terror (2018)
  4. Dark Matter (2018)
  5. Heathcliff All American ...
  6. Tex Willer [NL] (1980)
  7. Tex Willer Classics (197...
  8. Batman [NL] (1980)
  9. Superman [NL] (1980)
  10. Superman Classics (1971)
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. William A. Walsh
  2. Gaylord Welker
  3. H. J. Kihl
  4. Charles Berger
  5. Sidney Miller
  6. Al Gofa
  7. Van Allen Plexico
  8. Liz Clarke
  9. Rafe Blaufarb
  10. Xavier Fauthoux
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. X-O Manowar Armor (Accla...
  2. Revere, Jacob
  3. Keyes, Mr.
  4. Hunter (Acclaim), Diana
  5. Boudreau, Tish
  6. Costas, Thalia
  7. Wylie (Acclaim), Meg
  8. Laidlaw (Acclaim), James
  9. Al-X
  10. Fydora, Marcus
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Waiting for the End of the World
Wakanda Forever
Wake the Beast
Wake Up
Wake Up Dreaming
Wake, A
Wake, The
Waking the Sandman
Waking Up On the Wrong Side of the Universe
Walk in the Park, A
Walk Through Fire
Walking On the Moon
Walking Wounded, The
Walter Kitty of the S.S.C.P.A.
Wand'ring Star
Wanderers, The
Want You To Want Me
Wanted (Green Lantern)
Wanted: Hal Jordan
War & Pieces (Fables)
War & Pieces (Marvel)
War and Pieces
War and Rememberance
War at Home, The
War Beneath the Streets!
War Bound
War Crimes (Batman)
War Crimes (Black Panther)
War for Arcadia, The
War For The Books Of Magic
War Games (DC)
War Games (Extreme)
War Ghosts
War in Bagalia
War in Heaven
War in the Sun
War of Jokes and Riddles, The
War of Kings
War of Lords and Owls, The
War of the Dragons
War of the Gods
War of the Green Lanterns
War of the Independents
War of the Iron Men
War of the Marvels
War of the Monsters
War of the Mutants
War Of The Rot
War of the Super-Villains
War of the Symbiotes
War of the Witchblades
War of the Words
War of the Worlds (Doctor Who Magazine adaptation)
War Powers
War Season
War Stories
War That Shook The World, The
War that Time Forgot..., The
War to End All Wars, The
War Torn
War Toys
War Toys II
War Toys II: Enemy Species
War Within, The
War World
War! 'Bots!
Wardrobe of Skin
Warkeeper's Crown, The
Warlord of the Ogrons
Warning, The
Warped Notions
Warrior Princess, The
Warrior's Passing, A
Warriors (Ultimate Spider-Man UK)
Warriors (Ultimate Spider-Man)
Warriors of the Ebon Night
Warriors of the Golden Dawn
Warriors Teen, The
Wasteland Blues
Water Seven
Watering Hole
Waterworld/Crimson Jack Saga
Watery Grave
Wave of Mutilation (Deadpool)
Wave of Mutilation (Ultraforce)
Waves of Change
Waxman and the Clown
Way Home, The
Way of All Flesh, The
Way of the Warrior, The
Way of the World
Way Out, The
Way Station, The
We Are Jokers
We Can Be Heroes
We Gotta Go Now
Weapon Omega
Weapon X
Weapon X-Force
Weapon X: The Draft
Weapon X: The Return
Weapon X: The Underground
Weapon XI
Weapon, The
Weaponer, The
Weapons of Mutant Destruction
Web of Carnage
Web Of Death
Web of Life
Weekend in Paris
Weird Romance
Weirdworld: The Dragonmaster of Klarn
Welcome Home
Welcome to Lovecraft
Welcome to Mer-tropolis
Welcome to New Egypt
Welcome to Sundown Town
Welcome to the Bayou
Welcome to the Dogan
Welcome To The Team
What Are Little Boys Made Of?
What Comes Up, Must Go Down
What Dwells Beneath
What Happens in Vega...
What Happens...Stays!
What If the Runaways Became the Young Avengers?
What if Venom Possessed Deadpool?
What If?
What if... Doctor Doom Kept the Beyonder's Power?
What Lies Within
What Lorna Saw
What We Become
What You Want, Not What You Need
Whatever a Spider Can
Whatever Happened To

Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
Whatever Happened to the Daughter of Spider-Man?
Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
Wheels of Chance, Systems of Control
Wheels Within Wheels
When Bongos Collide
When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth
When Knights were bold...
When the Earth Dies!
When Worlds Collide
Where Angels Fear To Tread
Where Nobody Knows Your Name
Where the River Meets the Sea
Where Walks the Hunter
Where Were You?
Where's Wolverine?
Which Switch?
While Rome Burned
Whisky Tree, The
White Lightning
White Rage, The
Who Dares Wins
Who is Oracle?
Who is Phantom Rider?
Who is Strange Visitor?
Who is Superwoman?
Who Is the Black Panther?
Who Is the Stranger?
Who Is Troia?
Who is Who??
Who is Wonder Girl?
Who is Wonder Woman?
Who Killed Retro Girl
Who Killed Superwoman?
Who Remembers Scorpio?
Who Shot the Hulk
Who Was Ben Reilly?
Who's That Girl
Who's Who?
Who's Your Daddy?
Whole Hero Thing, The
Whys and Wherefores
Wide Awake
Widening Rifts
Widow, The
Widow's Curse, The
Widow's Pass
Widowmaker (The Punisher MAX)
Widowmaker (Thunderbolts)
Wild Blue Yonder
Wild Frontier
Wild Game
Wild in the Streets
Wild Kingdom
Wild Ride
Wild Type
Wild Wests, The
Wilding, The
Wildstorm Rising
Winter in America
Winter Kills
Winter of the Damned
Winter Soldier, The
Winter Wolves
Winter's Knight
Wire, Briar, Limber, Lock
Wired for Death
Wish You Were Here (FBP)
Wish You Were Here (Mind The Gap)
Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt (Green Arrow)
Witch Key, The
Witch's Familiar, The
Witchblade/The Darkness Crossover
Witches, The
Witching Hour, The
With a Vengeance
With An Iron Fist
With Iron Hands
With The Fishes
Without Fear
Without Sin
Wizard's Masque
Woden's Warriors
Wolf and the Lady, The
Wolf at the Door
Wolf Beneath the Tree, The
Wolverine Goes to Hell
Wolverine Vs. the X-Men
Wolverine's Revenge!
Wolves At The Gate
Woman on the Wall, The
Woman Who Sold the World, The
Women and Men
Wonderland (Flash)
Wonderland (Willow)
Work in Progress, A
World Against Superman
World Apart, A
World Askew, The
World book day
World Eaters, The
World of Krypton, The
World Of Mutants
World of Our Own, A
World Shapers, The
World Tour '92
World Tour (Black Panther)
World Tour (Deathstroke)
World Tour (Exiles)
World Tour (Ultimate X-Men)
World Tour! (Archie)
World Trust
World War 3 (Heroes Reborn)
World War Frank
World War Hulk
World War Hulk II
World War Hulk: Aftersmash
World War Hulks
World War III (DC)
World War III (G.I. Joe)
World War Three (JLA)
World War X
World Without a Justice League
World Without Heroes
World without Night
World Without Superman
World Without Young Justice
World's End (Uncanny X-Men)
World's End (Vampirella)
World's End (Wildstorm)
World's Finest
World's Finest, The
World's Greatest
World's Most Dangerous
World's Most Wanted
Worlds Apart
Worlds Collide (Elephantmen)
Worlds Collide (Marvel)
Worlds Collide (Milestone)
Worlds Unite


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