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Real Name:
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Volx possessed the Dire Wraiths' enhanced version of the Skrull's shape-shifting. In addition to being able to take on the form of other beings, she was also able to take on the form of inanimate objects, such as a patch of grass on the side of a hill. Like other Wraiths, she was able to enhance her human disguises by sucking out the brain of her victim through her barbed, razor sharp tongue. This would also give Volx her victim's memories and allowed her to simulate their personalities.

Volx was the Queen Mother of the Dire Wraiths, a sub-species of Skrulls warped by their dark magic.

The last of the Wraith population were hunted down to earth by Rom, and with the help of The X-Men, The Avengers and others, killed the wraiths or banished them to the dimensional prison of Limbo. The Wraith's homeworld was also banished.

Rumours were heard that the Wraiths' queen mother had survived the destruction of her species and spent her time travelling across the universe plotting her vengance. Since she would be able to assume the form of almost anything, finding her would have been next to impossible.

The queen mother turned out to be Volx, according to her claims. Wether or not this is completely true remains a mystery following her death.

Finally ready to exact her revenge, Volx headed to Xander, an artificial planet that her children's destroyer, Rom, once aided in repelling a skrull invasion. There, she ambushed Reban, a pilot of a Xandarian ship on it's way to earth and assumed his identity, throwing Reban's body into space.

Passengers on the ship to earth included Rich Rider (Nova, who at the time was depowered) and Garthan Saal (Super-Nova/Nova Omega). After the ship landed on earth, a battle ensued between Rider, Saal and Volx. Volx was able to escape only to have Saal follow her. During their next confrontation, Volx knock Saal unconscious and held him prisoner in a Dire Wraith built complex hidden in Yosemite National Park.

Rider, enlisting the help of The New Warriors, tracked Saal's energy signature to the complex and a confrontation with Volx ensued. During the confrontation, Volx recognized Turbo's armor as the original Torpedo armor, the prototype created for her sons as the ultimate battle armor and tried to gain control of it. Rider, using belt guns he aquired at the complex, fired at the machinery within the complex, causing an explosion. The Warriors escaped, believing Volx to have been destoryed.

Having survived, Volx killed a reported and took her place, researching The New Warriors and the Torpedo armor. Volx was able to track the armor to Michael Jeffries (Turbo II), and posing as Dan Jones, Mike's cousin and the son of the original Torpedo (the original owner of the armor), Volx killed Jeffries and assumed his identity to get closer to The New Warriors and Turbo.

Volx, meeting with The New Warriors as Mike, convinces the Warriors to let him wear the suit one more time, and once she puts the suit on, reveals her true identity. Now in possession of the armor, and more powerful than ever, Volx interfaced with Friday, The Warriors' Kymellian Smartship and friend of Alex Power (Powerhouse) and escaped using the ship's cloaking device.

Volx seized Forge's Neoneutralizer, a giant-sized version of Rom's Wraith-banishing weapon used to send her homeworld to Limbo, from a military base, and The Warriors realized at this point that she hoped to power it with the Torpedo armor and irradiate the entire planet with it from orbit, neutralizing every superhuman on earth.

When the Warriors attacked Volx, she scrambled their powers with the Torpedo armor. Rich Rider confronted her, and was about to die at her hands when three members of the Warriors not involved in the battle, Night Thrasher, Kymaera and Rage arrived and attacked Volx.

Garthan Saal threw himself at Volx and sucked out much of the armor's power, sacrificing himself and passing his powers back to Rich Rider. During this final battle, Night Thrasher stabbed Volx through the head with his forearm blade, killing her. As she died, Volx dissolved into ash.


First Appearance: Nova (1994) #17

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Issue Appearances:
Annihilators (2011)
Nova (1994)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A To Z Update (2010)
The New Warriors (1990)

Group Affiliation(s):
Dire Wraiths (Marvel)

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