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Real Name: Foxworth
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None. The Sticker wore a suit of magno-armor that was covered with tiny capsules containing magnetic glue. Built into the helmet of the suit was a device that allowed the wearer to release the glue and control it.

Low-level Speedball foe.

With the aid of a man named Garson who was a lab assitant to Dr. Haven, Foxworth stole Dr. Haven's invention of Magnetic Glue and combined it with other stolen inventions to create a suit that allowed Foxworth to become the Sticker. He knew this could make him millions if he got the rights to the devices, but first he'd have to get Haven's papers. Dressed as the Sticker, he and Garson broke into Haven's labs, but could not find them. When Haven showed up, Sticker killed him. The phone rang and Garson, pretending to still be Haven's lab assistant, answered it, learning that Dr. Benson had the papers and was sending Robbie Baldwin over with them.

Garson tried to get the papers from Robbie but when Robbie said he was told to get the papers to Dr. Haven in person, Garson grabbed them and pushed Robbie down some stairs. Garson assumed Robbie was dead and fled with the Sticker. But Robbie, being Speedball, survived the impact and followed the criminals.

Realizing that Garson hadn't checked if Robbie was dead and not wanting a possible witness to lead to him, The Sticker killed Garson. Speedball showed up and fought the Sticker, who simply made Speedball stick to him and demanded he tell him how to duplicate his powers for himself. To escape, Speedball pulled off the Sticker's helmet causing him to lose control of the glue. Foxworth was apparently suffocated when the glue covered his head.

Either the reports of his death were incorrect, or The Sticker was revived, because later, The Sticker was broken out of prison alongside seven other of Speedball's earliest foes by Clyde, a man who planned to go by the name Rebound once he was able to give himself Speedball's powers. Clyde was a self proclaimed "Criminal Genuis". They planned to capture Niels the Cat who had been given the same powers as Speedball during the accident that transformed Robbie Baldwin into Speedball. It was through Niels that Clyde planned on gaining his powers. Speedball defeated eight of his foes with very little trouble.


First Appearance: Speedball (1988) #2

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Issue Appearances:
Speedball (1988)
The New Warriors (1990)

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