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Alpha (Doctor Who)
Real Name:
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Beyond the traditional powers of a Dalek, Alpha had learned to harness psychokinetic energy in order to fly, and to allow others (like the Eighth Doctor) to fly along with them.

Alpha was a Dalek infused by the Second Doctor with the "Human Factor" in the televised adventure, "Evil of the Daleks". In that adventure, the Doctor gave this new type of Daleks names based upon their date of creation. Thus, "Alpha" was the first Dalek born of an infusion of the "Human Factor"—itself largely derived from observations of the Doctor's companion, Jamie

Thus, he came to earn the title, "The First Born", and was effectively the Emperor of his type of Dalek. As explained in "Evil of the Daleks", these humanized Daleks quickly found themselves involved in a civil war with the main group of Daleks, and they were presumed destroyed.

However, as revealed in the Eighth Doctor comic adventure, "Children of the Revolution", Alpha and a few of his kind escaped the carnage of that civil war and eventually settled in an undersea cave on the planet Kyrol. There, they developed a society based on the best aspects of Dalek and Human culture, eventually prospering in ways no Daleks ever had. Many of these Daleks eventually discarde their weaponry and dedicated themselves to more intellectual pursuits—all under Alpha's tutelage.

One of the central tenets of their civilization was that the Doctor was a messianic figure, who had earned the moniker, Saviour. Statues, in the image of the Second Doctor, were even erected in their city, Azhka Korr.

Eventually, however, Alpha was destroyed after it was found that a large underwater beast, the last surviving indigenous life on Kyrol, was feeding off the Daleks' psychokenetic energy.

Alpha was a red dalek, easily distinguished by the Greek letter alpha on his helmet, which the Second Doctor had gifted him.


First Appearance: Doctor Who Magazine (1979) #306

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Issue Appearances:
Doctor Who Graphic Novel (2004)
Doctor Who Magazine (1979)

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