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Earth Girl
Real Name: Unknown
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Earth Girl can channel energy from the very planet by eating dirt. This absorption process enables her to activate her powers in either of two ways: she can possess limited super strength or fire concussive energy beams. Using either one of these abilities weakens Earth Girl, causing her to absorb more energy. It is unrevealed what the extent of the energy she can absorb at one time.

The heroine known as Earth Girl began her superhero career following the slaughter of the original Brute Force team. That incarnation of the team had taken on a suicide mission to Radiation Island where a giant monster appeared and fed on Major Battle and Moe Muscle. Due to the strange process that gave the two heroes powers, the monster exploded upon digestion.

These deaths caused the only surviving member, Max Damage, to hold a recruitment drive to audition potential new members. After wading through next to useless superhumans (such as Wood Boy, Water Lad, Metal Man and Bubble Boy), a new roster was decided upon. Earth Girl joined with Rubber Guy, Beast Boy and Feezle to make up the new Brute Force.

Max Damage volunteered his newly assembled team to join a rescue mission for two missing S.O.S. members, Radical and WarHawk, who had been abducted by the God Squad and sent to the other dimensional realm of Godworld. Brute Force's first mission went without a hitch, mainly because the strange planet was accidentally blown up by the reckless Kid Avenger.

Brute Force's most recent mission was to aid in the evacuation of various abducted superpowered children that the villainess Covenant of the Sword had taken. Joined with the Deadly Duo, Vanguard and the two remaining Vicious Circle members, PowerHouse and Fever, the heroes came to the aid of the Dragon. In the aftermath of the Nega-Bomb's decimation of the world's superhuman population, Brute Force were recruited into the SOS. She later died when Universo chose the Earth as the next planet to consume.


First Appearance: Savage Dragon (1993) #53

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Savage Dragon (1993)

Group Affiliation(s):
Brute Force (Highbrow)
Special Operations Strikeforce

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