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Real Name: Unrevealed
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None. The Grappler relied on his martial arts and wrestling training. He also carried a rod which could fire a spring-loaded band of steel coils.

The Grappler was a small time thief who learned to survive by wrestling. After seeking out billionaire casino owner Hugh Howard to learn the secret of his success, The Grappler was severely beaten by Howard's bodyguards only being told that "leverage" was the secret to Howard's success.

Taking this advice, The Grappler studied Martial Arts to improve his physical strength and then used his winnings from the championship fights he entered to break his way into the stock market. Becoming very rich, he still wasn't satisfied and turned to a life of costumed crime for 'kicks'.

During this time, he encountered and fought She-Hulk, trying to bribe her into a life of crime. Instead, She-Hulk defeated The Grappler and turned him over to the authorities.

The Grappler clashed with She-Hulk on one more occasion when he attacked a courtroom to steal documents to gain leverage on certain people. He was again defeated by She-Hulk and taken to prison.

Sometime later, The Grappler was invitied by the original Firebrand to meet at "The Bar With No Name" to discuss the killing spree of costumed villains by the assassin Scourge. All 18 criminals that showed up to the bar were murdered by Scourge, unsuspecting that he was disguised as the bartender.


First Appearance: The Savage She-Hulk (1980) #18

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Issue Appearances:
Captain America (1968)
She-Hulk (2005)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
The Savage She-Hulk (1980)

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