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Real Name: Zey-Rogg
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Zey is a cybernetically enhanced Kree. Presumably he is much stronger than a normal Kree of his size and age (a normal Kree is twice as strong as a normal human of similar size and age) and presumably has enhanced human to Class 10 strength, as well as enhanced reflexes, speed, endurance, durability, and healing factor in his unarmored form to an unknown degree. While he has a cybernetic system built into his body that is separate from his armor, it is unknown if that system gives him any additional powers. He has been shown using two suits of powered armor, a Bareenhoo (gravimetric) suit and a brown armor of unknown origin. His gravimetric suit harnesses gravity, enabling him to fly and deflect a barrage of photonic energy fired at close range.
Zey also carried several knives and throwing stars (presumably in a subspace storage pocketı device, since he doesn't wear any sort of a belt on this suit that could hold those knives while he's not levitating/throwing them) that he could use to throw at others using the suit's anti-gravity powers. These knives and stars are either made out of an explosive polymer or he can use the gravimetric suitıs powers to throw these objects very hard and fast, or a combination of both (said knives and stars were strong and sharp enough to cut the skin of a half-Eternal; had Zey really wanted to he could have impaled Genis on some of those knives without any trouble at all). It is unknown how accurately Zey can throw his knives and stars without using the gravimetric suit. The suit also has a built-in sub-space storage unit, since the headset part of it can disappear when the suit is rendered inoperable. The main limitation to a Bareenhoo suit (according to the glossary in back of CM IV#4) is that an object has to be keyed into the suitıs computer system in order for the suitıs gravity powers to work on that object. How a user programs an object into the suitıs system has not yet been revealed; possibly the eyepiece part of the headset scans the object to be entered in and the suitıs computers does the rest. And possibly Zey has had his suit customized to scan things faster, and to do things that Bareenhoo suits canıt/donıt do normally. It is unknown if the Bareenhoo suit can protect its wearer from the rigors of outer space, nor for how long if it can indeed do so.

His brown armor is accessed by activating a crystal worn on Zey's left hand. The armor adds roughly 1-3 feet to Zeyıs height, making him about 7-9 feet tall when he's wearing it. The armor enables Zey to fly at very high speeds, and to jump roughly two stories high and several hundred yards long in a single leap. He can also run at speeds to rival Quicksilver. The armor gives Zey super-strength equal to Genisıs top strength level, which would put him in the class 10-15 range. The armor can also fire powerful blasts of biotec energy at a target. The biotec energy can also be concentrated in a fist to help light up a dark room and can also lend a punch a nasty little charge along with the kinetic energy already contained in said punch. And while the armor can withstand blasts from conventional guns and bullets and highly concentrated photonic blasts (and presumably from normal energy/laser weapons as well), it apparently can't withstand several close-up blasts from alien guns and alien copkiller bullets. It is also unknown if the armor can protect Zey in outer space, nor for how long if it can indeed do so.

Very little is know of Zey-Roggıs history before the fall of the old Kree Empire. He is the only known son of Yon-Rogg, and has a younger sister named Una, though he may have other siblings that have yet to be seen. He was (presumably) sent to a Kree military academy when very young and raised to adulthood by them. After graduating, Zey joined the army. At some point during this time he sired a son, Hav, off of an alien woman (see comments below for more on this). Also, at some point, he became a cyborg, though under what circumstances remain unknown; he does appear to have been one for quite some time before the old Empire fell. After the Nega-Bomb exploded at the end of the Kree-Shiıar war and wiped out 90% of the Kree Zey-Rogg went insane and became obsessed with killing Genis-Vell, the son of his father's killer, Captain Mar-Vell.


First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Captain Marvel (1995)
Captain Marvel (2000)

Group Affiliation(s):
Kree (Marvel)

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