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Astrid Mordo

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Astrid possessed a number of magical powers which included employing demons which had once served her father as a familiar through which she could speak; mystically draining the magical powers of others into herself; teleportation; mystical daggers; and energy bolts.

When Astrid's father made mental contact with Dr. Stephen Strange, Astrid used the opportunity to mystically transfer her father's cancer into Strange so that he would weaken until she could claim his power for herself.

Astrid invaded the monastery which had been the home of the Ancient One and took Hamir and the other monks there captive so that she could drain their power. Her father was also at the monastery, and he returned with her to Castle Mordo.

Astrid kept one of her demons on Strange's trail as he visited his old family home in Nebraska. When Strange realized that he had Mordo's cancer, he returned to the monastery to find it abandoned. Astrid sent a demon acting as her familiar to attack Strange, and it brought the weakened sorcerer to Castle Mordo, laying him at Astrid's feet.

Strange was surprised to be confronted by Astrid, expecting her father to be the one behind his illness. As she continued to gorge herself upon the captured monks, Strange made a feeble attempt at stopping her. Astrid tried to slay Strange with mystical daggers, but Baron Mordo stopped her with a shield, claiming that Strange was his to finish. Astrid allowed him to do so, hoping that the victory her father had longed for would bring him some joy.

Instead of killing Strange, Mordo transferred the cancer back into himself so that Strange could stop Astrid for him, not wanting to harm his own daughter. Strange cast a spell that took Hamir and the other monks away from Astrid, then faced her in mystical combat. Astrid conjured up her father's demons to assault Strange, hoping to prey upon his fears from when the same demons haunted him as a child and young man, but Strange overcame the demons. By the time the demons were defeated, Astrid had teleported Strange's friends Amanda and Jessica Payne to her side, and ordered Strange to surrender or she would kill them. Strange surrendered, but Baron Mordo then came up behind Astrid and stabbed her with an etheric blade which placed her into a coma. He then surrounded her with a force field (the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak?) and cast her body into another plane of existence where she could not harm anyone. Baron Mordo succumbed to his cancer shortly afterwards.


First Appearance: Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) #86

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Issue Appearances:
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988)
Marvel Tales (1964)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Mystic Arcana - The Book of Marvel Magic (2007)

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