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Real Name:
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He served in the Hand alongside Elektra years ago. He correctly suspected that she had only joined the Hand to attack them from within to prove herself to Stick and the Chaste, telling her there would be no mercy for her if that turned out to be true. When he watched her as she bathed in a lake, she telepathically commanded a group of agents of the Hand to attack him, but after he slew them all and confronted her once again, she allowed herself to give in to his passion, as she had been lonely for some time after leaving Matt Murdock.

As part of the Snakeroot, Tekagi served as second-in-command to Lord Daito, retrieving the body of John Garrett, participating in the creation of Erynys, leading the capture of Eddie Passim, and battling for the possession of the About Face virus. After Daito's suicide, he took over leadership of the Snakeroot, devising the plan by which they could restore Sakki's power via the blood of innocents. It was he who overpowered Elektra and slew the first target, Father Peter Nova, but he made the mistake of focusing entirely on his quest, thinking of Elektra as inconsequential and leaving her alive. Some of the other Snakeroot accused him of still harboring feelings for her. In final battle, he fought Elektra savagely, but fell prey to the tree-frog venom in which she had soaked her army. Weakened by the poison, he was skewered by Sakki itself, further destroying the power of the sword and ending his life simultaneously.


First Appearance: Daredevil (1964) #320

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Issue Appearances:
Daredevil (1964)
Elektra (1995)

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