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Moonshade (Marvel)
Real Name:
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In common with most duplicates created by the Magus, Moon Shade had abilities approximating those of his template. He could also absorb the original Moon Knight into his body and extend tentacles from his body. After he stole energy from Franklin Richards and his Doppelganger, he gained vast psychic powers similar to Franklin's dream-self abilities. He could travel between alternate Earths and absorb the essences of Moon Knight's counterparts there. He had a special vulnerability to adamantium, however.

Created by the Magus during the Infinity War, Moonshade possessed the guile of Marc Spector's mercenary past. He was dispatched to Four Freedoms Plaza with other Doppelgangers the Magus had created in the Dimension of Manifestations to use his powers on Moon Knight, absorbing him.

During the raid, Moonshade pursued his own agenda. He formed an alliance with a Doppelganger of Franklin Richards.

The Franklin Doppelganger's aura allowed them to slip past the security net before the Magus realized that they had left the others. However, the true Moon Knight saw them break away, and managed to nick Moonshade with adamantium throwing crescents. Following the trail of Moon Shade's blood, Moon Knight found the twisted duplicates in Franklin Richards' room. He saw Moonshade holding Alicia Masters captive. The Richards double meanwhile used a device called a psi-phon (taken from the Magus) to drain the true Franklin's life essence. Moon Knight freed Alicia, and engaged Moonshade in battle. Realizing he had to save Franklin's life, he threw his bo-stick at the Richards-double-- although that left Moon Knight vulnerable to an attack by Moonshade. Still, this did stop the twisted Franklin double from completely draining his template's life essence, as the bo-stick hurled him to the floor. Moon Knight removed the psi-phon from Franklin Richards' head and tossed it away.

However, Moonshade grabbed the psi-phon, absorbing the power it had leached from Franklin. He turned on his ally, absorbing its life-essence for power. Together, this invigorated Moonshade, and he immediately began to absorb Moon Knight entities from throughout the multiverse. This feeding left Moonshade more powerful than before.

However, the interference of Moon Knight prevented Moonshade from absorbing those Moon Knight counterparts whose determination mirrored his own, enabling them to resist Moonshade's psychic assault. Moonshade dragged Moon Knight along as he set out to absorb the remaining Moon Knight counterparts in the multiverse. The Moon Knight's adamantium weapons served to protect him from Moonshade.

The first alternate Earth they arrived at was that of Skyline City, site of the Four Freedoms Retirement Home for Crime-Fighters. There they encountered Dark Moon, the Lunar Avenger, who had recently come out of retirement. In a battle reported in the media by Ellen Brosterman, Dark Moon used his remote-controlled Angelwing, a flying vehicle, against Moonshade. However, using the psi-phon, Moonshade started to absorb Dark Moon's vitality. Moon Knight ripped the psi-phon off of Moonshade, but as he had evolved to the point that he no longer needed it, he finished absorbing Dark Moon's life essence.

Moonshade next transported Moon Knight and itself to Man-Hades, a run-down city plagued by the vampiric Moon Knight counterpart Moonfang. Realizing that Moonfang presented as much of a menace as Moonshade, Moon Knight attacked the vampire with silver weapons (which he carried for use against werewolves anyway). Moonshade then absorbed Moonfang.

Another trip to an alternate Earth brought them to the Manhatican, where a female Moon Knight counterpart named Crescent Moon fought a religious war with Grey Wing, the latter imploring his soldiers to fight for "Holy Terra". Moonshade, indifferent to their quarrelling, grabbed both leaders with his tentacles. He absorbed Crescent Moon's essence, but just threw Grey Wing away.

Moon Knight saved Grey Wing before the next series of jumps to parallel worlds. This included the world of "Mister Spector", who fought crime with Ivory; Moon Ghost, active in extra-terrestrial adventures with two young aides and a monkey; Dino-Knight, a dinosaur version of Moon Knight active in what resembled the Old West; Moon Maid, a mermaid version of Moon Knight in Atlanhattan; and finally Moon Man's world.

Moon Man challenged criminals in the city of Cosmopolis with his ward Moon Boy. In a battle atop the rooftops of buildings owned by Acme Pencils, Regency Bicycle Works, Monarch Playing Cards, and so forth, amid giant advertising props of a playing card, a pencil and a bike, Moonshade seriously wounded Moon Man. However, Moon Knight took the opportunity to attack Moonshade with a conductive charge with his adamantium bo-stick. Moon Knight had early observed Moonshade's vulnerability to adamantium, and this time managed to get in a crippling blow that destroyed Moonshade. Moon Man managed to survive the attack by Moon Shade, and Moon Knight helped him up before being returned to Earth-616 due to Moonshade's destruction.


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Issue Appearances:
Marc Spector: Moon Knight (1989)

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