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Dan Reid, Jr.

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Born in 1872, Dan Reid, Jr. never knew his parents. His father was a Texas Ranger. His mother, Linda, stayed in the east to have her child. When Dan Jr. was still an infant he and his mother joined a wagon train heading for Texas. While they were on their trip, Dan Sr. was killed in an ambush at Bryant's Gap. Then, before their wagon train could reach Fort Laramie, they were attacked by renegade indians. Linda managed to hide Dan in a trunk before the indians killed her.

Dan was discovered and raised by an old woman known to him as Grandma Frisbie. While he grew up he heard stories of the Lone Ranger's adventures. When some outlaws tried to rob Grandma Frisbie the Lone Ranger and Tonto came to her aid. After the crooks were defeated, Grandma Frisbie revealed the story of Dan's past, showing a locket with photos of Dan's parents. The Lone Ranger recognized them as his brother, Dan, and his wife Linda. The Lone Ranger invited Dan Jr. to join him and Tonto, an invitation the 13 year old boy gladly accepted.

Dan rode with his uncle for several years, until the Lone Ranger sent him to school in the east. Dan used his education, along with his half of the Reid silver mine, and went into the newspaper business. He married Margaret Sanford in 1900 and they had two sons, Jack and Britt Reid. Britt continued in the newspaper business. Also, inspired by the stories of Dan's adventures with the Lone Ranger, Britt continued his grand-uncle's legacy, donning the mask of the Green Hornet. Dan passed away in 1949.

Nephew of John Reid (The Lone Ranger).
Father of Britt Reid (The Green Hornet I).
Grandfather of Britt Reid II (The Green Hornet II).
Great-grandfather of Alan Reid (The Green Hornet III) and Paul Reid (The Green Hornet IV).

First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Green Hornet: Year One (2010)
The Lone Ranger (1948)
The Lone Ranger (1964)
The Lone Ranger (2006)

Group Affiliation(s):

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