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Kalikya (Inhumans)
Real Name: Kalikya
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Kalikya, after passing through the Terrigen mists, developed elongated fingers with the ability to heal others. The extent of her abilities is unknown.

Kalikya was part of a group of seven Inhuman students, including Dewoz, Dinu, Nahrees, Neifi, Telv, and Tonaja, set to graduate to the Terrigen mists exposure that all Inhumans participated in, a process that would unlock their genetic potential. They studied Inhuman history and learned of Inhuman culture. One of their classmates, Telv, got held back a year, leaving only six to graduate together. Kalikya was best friends with Tonaja.

On a class visit to Regent's Arch in Attilan, Kalikya and Dewoz were paired up. Later, Neifi, Nahrees, and Dinu played a prank on the teleporting dog Lockjaw while Dewoz, Kalikya, and Tonaja, on a dare, snuck in to see the imprisoned Maximus the Mad, but they soon grew bored and left.

The class was later presented to the mists, under the eyes of King Black Bolt and Carthus. The mists had differing effects of each of the youth. Tonaja became green and scaly with large brown wings, the first natural flyer the Inhumans had seen in over sixty years. Neifi became a gray-green monster with thick skin. Nahrees developed into an electrical energy form, a rarity among the Inhumans. Dinu's face became transformed, reportedly causing death to anyone who looked at him thus requiring him to wear a mask. Dewoz was reported dead in the mists, his loss mourned. Kalikya's only transformation was her fingers becoming long and lanky, which shamed her. Tonaja let Kalikya know that they could no longer be friends. The surviving graduates took compensation gifts to Dewoz's family for their loss.

Kalikya soon discovered that she had developed healing abilities.

Kalikya joined fallen soldiers on the battlefield while Portuguese mercenaries attacked Attilan's borders. She helped heal and stabilize a wounded Dinu.

Kalikya joined fallen soldiers on the battlefield while Portuguese mercenaries attacked Attilan's borders. She helped heal and stabilize a wounded Dinu. Tonaja approached and apologized to Kalikya for disowning her before, stating that she didn't realize that the healing powers were part of her Terrigenesis. Tonaja offered to be friends again, but Kalikya, bitter, refused. Toiven rushed in, warning the ladies away from an attack, and took the full hit himself, which killed him, though Kalikya tried to heal him unsuccessfully.

The Inhumans were all ordered back into the city while the island sunk into the ocean around them, the act triggered by Black Bolt's plans to have the city removed and have the humans think them dead. Dewoz (now in his true form) joined Kalikya, Nahrees, Tonaja, and Neifi in looking over the recovering Dinu.

When Crystal brought her estranged human husband Quicksilver to Attilan with injuries, Kalikya was summoned to heal him, proclaimed one of Attilan's finest healers by Medusa. Black Bolt and Gorgon looked on.

Kalikya told Medusa that Luna Maximoff had greater healing powers than Kalikya did, perhaps with the power to even heal an injured mind.


First Appearance: Son of M (2006) #2

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Issue Appearances:
Son of M (2006)

Group Affiliation(s):
Inhumans (Marvel)

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