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Videmus (Inhumans)
Real Name:
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Unable to see himself, Videmus possesses long tendril-like eyes which can attach to the foreheads to others, allowing him to see their thoughts and for those to whom he is attached to experience the thoughts of the other. He retains the information he has gleaned from others.

Young Luna Maximoff took her father, Quicksilver, to see Videmus the communicator. Videmus greeted Quicksilver, and attached one of his eyes to each of their foreheads. Quicksilver focused on the ocean, allowing Luna to see it as he had. Quicksilver visited Videmus again, allowing him to attach to Quicksilver to see the Earth rising. At Quicksilver's request, Videmus shared with him the history of the Terrigen mists. He shared their origins, location, and protection under the Maledicta brothers.

When the sanctity of the Terrigen Crystals' cavern was violated, an alarm sounded and the Royal Family (Black Bolt, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa, Triton) worked to discover who had committed the act. Videmus watched the proceedings through a friend, seeing Quicksilver in the crowd.

Videmus summoned the three Maledicta brothers, using his authority as a member of the Genetics Council to pull them away from their post. Goran refused to come. Once before Black Bolt, Gorgon, and Medusa, Videmus instructed the Brothers to arrest him. They soon learned that Quicksilver had killed Goran and stolen some of the Crystals. Jolen revealed that Quicksilver was the culprit.

Videmus revealed that Quicksilver had been exposed to the Crystals weeks before and that he had the Crystals on Earth. He linked with Black Bolt, explaining that he hadn't revealed this before because he wanted the Inhumans to have a conflict to strengthen them and that he believed that recently his race had grown complacent and lazy. Black Bolt furiously required Videmus to speak his sentence: being kept in solitary confinement and forbidden to ever look through the eyes of another again. Videmus agreed and was let away.


First Appearance: Son of M (2006) #2

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Issue Appearances:
Son of M (2006)

Group Affiliation(s):
Inhumans (Marvel)

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