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Benjamin Thomas Jones

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Benjamin Thomas Jones is the son of Arcanna (Arcanna Jones). (of the Squadron Supreme) and Phillip Jones, and the younger brother of Andrew, Drusilla, and Katrina. He was born during the final battle between the Redeemers and the Squadron, that resulted in the dissolution of the Utopia Program. He was an exceptionally content baby. One week after his birth, Arcanna brought him with her in the ship that went after the Nth Man. When Imam died, he passed on the mantle of Wizard Supreme to the infant Benjamin. Benjamin knew he could stop the Nth Man, but required direct contact with him to do so, and the Squadron's ship kept fleeing from him. As the Nth Man engulfed their world and Earth, Benjamin convinced him to trade places with him. Benjamin became the new Nth Man, reversed his growth, and retraced his steps to restore everything he had destroyed. Will anyone remember to finish his story? Lightner mentioned that he had been in contact with Benjamin, who remained happy and wished them all well.

Benjamin intially had the potential for mystic powers on par with Dr. Strange. He now possesses the power of the Nth Man, as above, although he does not use it in the destructive manner of Lightner, instead choosing to restore everything Lightner had destroyed.


First Appearance: Squadron Supreme (1985) #12

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Issue Appearances:
Squadron Supreme (1985)
Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe (1989)

Group Affiliation(s):

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