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Moondog The Malicious
Real Name: Moondog
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Moondog is a spirit capable of possessing others. He's also able to produce a deafening laugh which can incapacitate his foes.

Moondog is a spirit who took possession of New Orleans accountant Billy Blevins, using him to act as the head priest of a cult operating out of New Orleans.

After an encounter with Brother Voodoo in New Orelans, Moondog's power was shattered, although he was able to escape. Moondog ended up in New York where he created another cult.

Two weeks later, Moondog held auditions for a play about voodoo. After an actress didn't get the part in his play, Moondog sent his followers to attack her on her way home. Spider-Man interrupted the attack and fought the cult members only to be overwhelmed. Brother Voodoo, who had been tracking Moondog, intervened and after a moment of distraction, the two realized the cult members had disappeared.

The two heroes tracked Moondog to the Shelby Theatre where a battle broke out. Brother Voodoo, realizing that Moondog was only a spirit that was possessing the body of Blevins, threw Blevins off a platform high in the theatre claiming he was going to kill him. Rather than dying along with Blevins, Moondog fled the body, and Spider-Man saved Blevins by catching him in a web net.

Brother Voodoo promised to be waiting if Moondog ever made a return, which at this point, he never has.


First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up (1972) #24

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Issue Appearances:
Marvel Team-Up (1972)
Web of Spider-Man (1985)

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