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Omen (Marvel)
Real Name: Charles Blackwater.
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Omen possesses the ability to sense demonic forces, teleport through space or across dimensions, and communicate with others telepathically. He also posseses a number of undisclosed abilities which enable him to battle demons and the like. He has used a sword able to destroy or banish demons. He manifests himself on earth by using Blackwater as a host.

Charles Blackwater was a defense attorney hired to defend the Beyond Reason Spiritual Fellowship against several claims of criminal and immoral activity. He succeeded in clearing them of charges, but his investigations led him to discover the mystic text, the Anten Decan. This book detailed the cult's philosophy to control others and to create a new dark age on earth. Before he could mention this to anyone else, Reeve Calder and several other cult members confronted him in his office, shot and stabbed him, and he fell to his death on the streets below.

Blackwater then had a vision of meeting his mother, who told him to kill the evil inside of himself. After doing this, he found himself in the form of Omen. He revived on the streets of New York, where Omen manifested himself and summoned several others with a history of involvement with magic to form the Legion of the Night. He led them to what appeared to be the astral realm of the demon Aan Taanu, who had been summoned by the Beyond Reason Cult. There they succeeded in prevented the demon from fathering a son by the cultist Hildreth, and Omen banished Aan Taanu himself by stabbing his spirit form with his sword. Omen then told the rest of the Legion that there were a number of demonic threats for which they would be needed.

Blackwater/Omen was later observed in conflict against a demon sent by Aan Taanu. This demon had possessed Morton Klasser, an ex-convict and manipulated him to locate Leena Wolfe, a private investigator hired by Klasser's ex-wife to document his affairs and abuses. Upon locating Wolfe, the demon forced Klasser to instead attack Allison Lamb, a former girlfriend of Blackwater who had hired Wolfe to investigate Blackwater's behavior changes. Omen, however, had learned of this and temporarily entered the form of Wolfe. When Klasser arrived to attack the women, Omen emerged and forcibly removed and slew the demon.

Omen informed Wolfe that she would be called upon in the future to assist the Legion in order to show her appreciation for saving her life.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark listed Omen's status as undetermined.


First Appearance: The Legion of Night (1991) #1

Other Identities:
Charles Blackwater

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Issue Appearances:
Midnight Sons Unlimited (1993)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Horror 2005 (2005)
The Legion of Night (1991)

Group Affiliation(s):
Legion of Night

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