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Real Name:
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Bristle possesses the ability to fire quill-like objects from his wrists. Most of these quills are razor-sharp, slicing straight through his opponents' bodies; others explode upon contact.

(Thunderstrike#6)- Bristle was dispatched with Lucian and Schizo of the Peacekeepers to retrieve Pandara and escort her back to Lyonesse, but they had to combat Thunderstrike, Stellaris, Blackwulf and Code: BLUE first. Bristle fought Thunderstrike, and wondered briefly if he was a mutant. When Code: BLUE rallied against them, Bristle convinced Lucian that they should abandon Pandara and flee.

(Blackwulf#1)- Bristle joined the Peacekeepers in attempting to capture Dr. Caitlin Maddox, a genetic researcher, but were opposed by the Underground Legion. Bristle attempted to kill Dr. Maddox to keep her out of their hands, but she was saved by Sparrow, and brought to safety.

(Blackwulf#2)- After Lucian adopted the mantle of Blackwulf, he attempted to convince the Peacekeepers of Tantalus' wickedness, but they didn't listen. Bristle later journeyed with the Peacekeepers to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to obtain two Skrull corpses. They again fought the Underground, now joined by Blackwulf, but managed to escape with one of the bodies.

(Blackwulf#4)- The Skrull pilot turned out to be alive, and fought the Peacekeepers until learning that Tantalus was their master.

(Blackwulf#6)- Bristle joined the other Peacekeepers in following Tantalus back to Armechadon aboard his vessel Vimana.

(Blackwulf#8)- Upon their arrival at Armechadon, the Peacekeepers joined forces with the Deviants there, and fought the Undergrounds of both earth and Armechadon, plus the Kree Starforce.

(Blackwulf#10)- Bristle fought the Underground alongside the Peacekeepers on Armechadon, but in the course of battle, Tantalus was slain by Blackwulf. Bristle returned to earth alongside Khult and the other Peacekeepers.


First Appearance: Thunderstrike (1993) #6

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Issue Appearances:
Blackwulf (1994)
Thunderstrike (1993)

Group Affiliation(s):
Peacekeepers (Marvel)

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