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Major Shira Elan Colla Brie

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Force-sensitive. Skilled in infiltration and deception.

Born Shira Brie on Coruscant, the woman that would become Lumiya eventually joined the Galactic Empire. She became an Emperor's Hand, much like Mara Jade, and spent time at the Caridan military academy.

Under the cover of a woman whose planet was destroyed by the Empire, Shira infiltrated the Rebel Alliance with the mission to discredit Luke Skywalker.

On her mission, she feigned romantic interest in Luke Skywalker. During a mission to destroy a living communications enhancer, Luke's targeting computer was damaged, causing him to use the Force to find Imperial targets amongst the rebels piloting stolen TIE fighters. He fired on a nearby TIE, and only at the rebel base was he notified that he had shot down Shira.

Shira, however, survived the explosion, but required numerous cybernetics to keep her alive--the extent of which is still being debated. It is known however, that most if not all of her limbs were either severed or amputated and replaced with cybernetic prosthetics.

She traveled to the Sith planet of Ziost shortly before the first death of Palpatine and became a Sith. It was there that she constructed her signature weapon the lightwhip and assumed the identity of Lumiya.

First Appearance as Lumiya: Marvel Star Wars #88. Broke away from the comic world to become a major villain in recent Star Wars novels.

This entry should only be used for Brie's appearances prior to becoming Lumiya. Created by David Michelinie & Walter Simonson (as Shira) and by Mary Jo Duffy & Bob McLeod (as Lumiya).

First Appearance: Star Wars (1977) #56

Other Identities:
Lumiya (Star Wars)

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Star Wars (1977)
Star Wars Galaxy Magazine (1994)
Star Wars: Luke Skywalker: The Last Hope for the Galaxy (2008)

Group Affiliation(s):
Galactic Empire (First)

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