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Powerhouse (Marvel)(01 - Rieg Davan)
Real Name: Rieg Davan
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Superhuman strength (1 ton), the ability to siphon the energies of any power-source, including living beings (50 tons).

First appeared in Nova #2, is a member of Xandarian alien race, with the superhuman abilities to absorb the superhuman strength of an opponent to increase his own, absorb the energy from a weapon used against him and redirect it against an assailant, and even create a psionic link with an opponent with whom he is in physical contact so as to control his opponent's use of his or her own powers.

Davan was a member of the Syfon division of the Nova Corps, Xandar's superhuman military. He was sent into space to perform surveillance on the starship of Zorr, the interstellar warlord who went on to shatter Xandar. Before Davan could report on Zorr's activities, his ship was hit by a meteor shower and careened off-course, eventually crossing the space of galaxies and landing in a body of water on Earth. Davan's ship was found by the Avian criminal Condor, who brainwashed Davan into serving him. Eventually Davan regained his memory and returned to Xandar to aid in battle against the Skrull invasion that Xandar was facing. He did so alongside his fellow Champions of Xandar: Nova, Nova-Prime, Protector, Comet, Crimebuster and the villain Diamondhead (who accidentally ended up on the space ship to Xandar because he had stowed away on Crimebuster's airship).

After The Champions of Xandar and the Nova Corps were able to momentarily repel the Skrull's invasion and send them running, Nova-Prime and Protector, along with members of the Nova Corps followed the Skrulls into space, leaving Powerhouse, Nova, Crimebuster, Comet and Diamondhead behind. After a long period with no news or return from the Xandarian forces, Crimebuster, Comet and Diamondhead took a space craft and followed into space. Diamondhead stayed true to his villainous ways and betrayed The Champions and Xandar to the Skrulls, allowing the Skrulls to infiltrate many Xandarian ships. When Crimebuster discovered the betrayal, he tried to warn his fellow Champions, but was murdered by a Skrull. The Skrulls then used dimensional phaser technology to imprison the Champions and many Xandarians in an alternate dimension and went back to Xandar to continue the invasion.

In the meantime, ROM had ended up on Xandar while in search of his own planet, and when the Skrulls again attacked after dropping their guises as The Champions, joined in the battle alongside Powerhouse and Nova. They were able to free the rest of the Champions and after a brutal struggle that involved the death of many on both sides, Xandar and The Champions defeat the Skrulls and sent them in defeat back to their homeworld.

After their victory, ROM headed on his way to continue looking for his homeworld and Nova returned home after not having seen his family for over a year, but left his powers behind on Xandar. Comet, also from Earth, stayed on Xandar as a Champion to honor the memory of his son, Crimebuster. The Champions of Xandar: Powerhouse, Protector, Nova-Prime and Comet continued to act nobly for Xandar.

Years later, Nebula and her forces mercilessly attacked Xandar and slaughtered all inhabitants of the planet. Powerhouse, as well as the rest of The Champions, were slain in the brutal attack.

The battle which claimed the life of Powerhouse, his fellow Champions of Xandar (Nova-Prime, Protector and Comet) and all remaining Xandarians on the planet at the time, actually took place off panel. It was revealed in Avengers #260 what had happened, when native Xandarian Firelord, returned home and found Adora dying. She was able to tell him what had happened just before she died, but no other characters that were slain were seen on panel. Comet's last appearance before his off panel death, was in ROM #24.

First Appearance: Nova (1976) #2

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Fantastic Four (1961)
FF: Fifty Fantastic Years (2011)
Marvel Age (1983)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Nova (1976)
ROM (1979)
The Marvel Encyclopedia (2006)
The New Warriors (1990)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
What If? (1977)

Group Affiliation(s):
Champions of Xandar
Nova Corps

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