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The Doctor (Doctor Who)(10)
Real Name:
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Though the Tenth Doctor began his career in comics in January 2006, he appeared in so much material by the end of 2006, that it was quite easy to get a handle on his character.

And it was remarkably similar to that we saw in his first televised series. Alternating between wacky and morally indignant, his overriding feature is a desire to help better the lives of those immediately around him. While his "alien-ness" is never forgotten, he appears to have a better understanding and appreciation of human social interaction than any of his other selves.

Nowhere does this show as plainly, of course, as in his relationship with his first companion, Rose. He is entirely comfortable relating to her on her level, yet seemingly dedicated to gently improving the quality of her life. He is liable to get quite angry if her life is in any way threatened, but he's also shown to go out of his way to let her grow intellectually and emotionally. He often appears to know the answer to particular crises, but holds himself back from providing the solution so she can work things out for herself. In one memorable story, he completely sidelines himself in Mickey's apartment for a day, just so MIckey can appear the "hero" to Rose, and the two young lovers can have a completely ordinary date.

Following actor Billie Piper's departure from the series, the comic Tenth Doctor has shared with the televised Tenth Doctor an occasionally-resurfacing sense of loss with respect to Rose. Even the youth-oriented Doctor Who Adventures has shown the Doctor reminiscing over his onetime companion. What has been a little less apparent, as of July 2007, has been the sense of Martha as a rejected lover. The overt romantic aspects of the Martha/Doctor relationship have been almost entirely excised from the comics.

In 2007, the Tenth Doctor picked up an unusual comic record. While the current Doctor, his comic run included appearances by the greatest number of televised companions. He had been joined in at least one comic story by Rose, Mickey, Jackie, the Brigadier and Martha—topping the previous record held by the Third Doctor. He cemented this lead in 2008, when Donna joined him in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.
Not since the Doctor (03) has an incarnation of the Doctor enjoyed such a varied comic life as David Tennant's Doctor. Simultaneously appearing in no less than three ongoing publications, the Doctor (10) is a serious comic phenomenon. One of the publication in which he appears, Doctor Who Adventures, is so wildly popular that British eyeballs have had a better chance of seeing him than they do any issue of Marvel's Civil War or DC's Infinite Crisis or 52. The practical result of this newfound comic presence is a wide variety of artistic approaches to Tennant's Doctor. No longer are the reins to the Doctor's image held by just one or two key artists. Hence, as can be seen to the right, there are a number of different ways the Tenth Doctor has been captured. At top and middle right are the more stylized versions by Dan McDaid seen mostly in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Mike Collins' and David Roach's more "realistic" version is seen at middle left. And at the bottom is work from the American title, Doctor Who (2008), by Jose Maria Berdy, Joe Phillips and German Torres.

First Appearance: Doctor Who Magazine (1979) #365

Other Identities:
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(01)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(02)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(03)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(04)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(05)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(06)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(07)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(08)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(09)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(11)

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight (2007)
Doctor Who (2008)
Doctor Who (2009)
Doctor Who (2012)
Doctor Who (2017)
Doctor Who 100-Page Spectacular (2012)
Doctor Who Adventures (2006)
Doctor Who Comic Maker comics (2008)
Doctor Who Event 2015: Four Doctors (2015)
Doctor Who Event 2016: Doctor Who Supremacy of the Cybermen (2016)
Doctor Who Graphic Novel (2004)
Doctor Who Gratis Comic Tag 2017 (2017)
Doctor Who Magazine (1979)
Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition (2002)
Doctor Who Storybook (2006)
Doctor Who: Autopia (2009)
Doctor Who: Battles in Time (2006)
Doctor Who: Battles in Time (Westcountry/Grampian version) (2006)
Doctor Who: Black Death White Life (2009)
Doctor Who: Cold-Blooded War (2009)
Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day (2015)
Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day 2017 (2017)
Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day 2018 (2018)
Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time (2013)
Doctor Who: Road to the Thirteenth Doctor (2018)
Doctor Who: Room With a Déjà View (2009)
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Archives (2015)
Doctor Who: The Forgotten (2008)
Doctor Who: The Official Annual (2006)
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor (2014)
Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery (2009)
Doctor Who: Through Time and Space (2009)
Doctor Who: Time Machination (2009)

Group Affiliation(s):
Time Lords and Gallifreyans

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"Catchphrase: "Allons-y!""

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