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Wild Card (G.I. Joe)
Real Name: Eric Scott
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Growing up in Northhampton, Massachusetts, Wild Card developed an unnatural habit of unintentionally breaking things. Fortunately for him, the Army gave him an outlet for his destructive tendencies. After enlisting, Wild Card became a trained armored vehicle driver. He is also one of the few Joes who is an actual chaplain's assistant (The first Pit was hidden beneath the Army's chaplains' assistants school, and the Pit III was called a chaplains assistants supply depot). Wild Card was assigned to drive the Mean Dog heavy assault vehicle for the G.I. Joe team.

When first assigned to the team, Wild Card drove the Mean Dog to the Pit in Utah, traveling with the new Desert Fox jeep, carrying Skidmark and Windmill. The Joes unwittingly gave Cobra's Star Viper access to the Pit when the electronically-enhanced Viper snuck underneath the Desert Fox. Wild Card and the others chased the Star Viper later that evening as he escaped with top secret electronic "black boxes". The Mean Dog's missiles destroyed the truck the Viper escaped in, but not before he could escape in his rocket plane. His escape led to the Joes' involvement in the Cobra Island civil war.

Wild Card served with the team on many more missions over the years, including fighting Dreadnoks on a highway near Broca Beach, New Jersey and helped defend the desert around the Pit from Cobra infiltrators. Wild Card later was part of an orbital insertion of the Mobile Battle Bunker vehicle into Trucial Abysmia to rescue a group of Joes ambushed by Cobra. Several Joes had all ready been killed. The huge operation, the Battle of Benzheen soon followed.

Wild Card took part in many more missions, including helping to test the Army's new railgun prototype by driving the Monster Blaster APC carrying the weapon, before the Joe team was shut down in 1994.

Wild Card has yet to have any involvement with the reinstated team.


First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
G.I. Joe (2011)
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1982)

Group Affiliation(s):
G.I. Joe

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