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Real Name: Andrei Freisov
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Later in life, Dragonsky became a member of the Soviet Army, but his service to his country goes back further than almost any of his comrades. Rumor has it that during the Nazis' invasion of Russia, Dragonsky -- at only five years old -- tossed Molotov cocktails at German tanks as they passed. At age six, he was present for the Battle of Stalingrad.

After serving for years in the Army, Dragonsky was a late addition to the original October Guard, and by then he was an old veteran. He served as the team's mechanic and was skilled at driving almost any vehicle, including a train traveling through Afghanistan, carrying a stolen laser weapon and his teammates while fending off Cobra attacks. He also served as the team's flamethrower, using the Soviets' latest flame-retardant suit and flamegun, which he called his "Zhukov zippo".

After serving with the same team members for several years, Dragonsky witnessed the deaths of his teammates, Colonel Brekhov, Horrorshow, Schrage and Stormavik while rescuing a rebel leader El Jefe in Sierra Gordo. Only Dragonsky and Daina remained when they and a number of Joes were double-crossed and captured.

The team soon added new members and teamed up with the G.I. Joe team on occasion. After the Soviet Union was dissolved, the October Guard was disbanded, but its former members often worked together. Under Russian Colonel Red Star, the Guard -- including Dragonsky -- headed off into space on a mission with the Joes.

Though other members of the Guard went on to meet the Joes once again, Dragonsky's current status is unknown.

The teams master mechanic and the new flame-thrower

First Appearance: G.I. Joe Yearbook (1985) #2

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Issue Appearances:
G.I. Joe (2005)
G.I. Joe Special Missions (1986)
G.I. Joe vs. Cobra (2008)
G.I. Joe Yearbook (1985)
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1982)
Michael Golden's G.I. Joe Yearbook: Artist's Edition Portfolio (2013)

Group Affiliation(s):
Oktober Guard

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