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General Gibbs
Real Name: Gibbs
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A leading member of the committee of Generals known as "the Jugglers", during the time of the G.I. Joe team's reinstatement. Gibbs presided over the group when it decided to execute the clone children who were genetically identical to Serpentor before the forces of the revived Serpentor recsued them from a G.I. Joe convoy. Gibbs was also reluctant to send the Joes in to invade Serpentor's base of operations on Cobra Island, but was overruled when the state department authorized the mission. In the wake of that battle, Gibbs quietly hatched a plan to advance his yet to be revealed secret agenda. He made contact with Serpentor's second-in-command, Overlord, to recover Serpentor's nearly-lifeless body from Cobra Island. Gibbs then let a number of Jugglers in on his plan, explaining that he hoping to manipulate Serpentor in a laboratory, "re-educating" the former Cobra emperor so he can be controlled. Overlord agreed to go to work as an assassin in exchange for the technology to revive his leader. Gibbs also made a deal with Cobra agents Tomax and Xamot to give Cobra Island to their legitimate corporation, Extensive Enterprises, and by extension, Cobra. After the Joe's commander, Hawk was shot by Cobra and left paralyzed, Gibbs has attempted to take control of the weakened G.I. Joe team to either use for his own purposes or disband it all together. General Gibbs' ultimate goal and final plans for Serpentor, Overlord, Cobra Island and G.I. Joe have yet to be revealed.


First Appearance: G.I. Joe (2001) #22

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Issue Appearances:
G.I. Joe (2001)

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