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Destro (G.I. Joe)(Reloaded)
Real Name: James Scotland
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The man they call James McCullen is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. He is the latest in a line of McCullens to lead a family business dating back to the thirteenth century – dealing and manufacturing the finest of weapons. He is a strong proponent of tradition and his native country of Scotland. By all means, McCullen would be a decent human being if he didn’t harbor a dark secret; that when he puts on the metal mask symbolic of the injustices suffered by his ancestors at the hands of the British, he becomes DESTRO, the head of an international arms-dealing ring supplying revolutionaries, terrorists, and traffickers. As Destro, he has been linked to such notable organizations as the Russian Mafia and numerous South American Cartels. Worse still, Destro has a romantic connection to the woman known as the Baroness, a mercenary and political manipulator of the highest degree. Until recently, Destro was approached by Cobra Commander for enlistment in the growing subversive movement COBRA. Offered with the dream of overthrowing the oppression of unjust governments, the iron-clad Scotsman grinned and accepted. Now, Destro supplies top-of-the-line armaments to Cobra, quickly preparing them for their step onto the main stage. Yet, despite the charisma, Destro sees Cobra Commander for what he truly is. Time will tell if Destro remains at the side of the blue-hooded mastermind or move to overthrow him.


First Appearance: G.I. Joe: Cobra Reborn (2004) #1

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Issue Appearances:
G.I. Joe Reloaded (2004)
G.I. Joe: Cobra Reborn (2004)

Group Affiliation(s):
Cobra (G.I. Joe)(Reloaded)

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