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Dr. Michael Barnett

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Dr. Michael Barnett was a psychiatrist in New York City, himself the son of a doctor. He enjoyed a close friendship with Carol Danvers, who began seeing him professionally for help with recurring blackouts and migraine headaches. Barnett spent several weeks trying to help Carol without success, and ultimately hypnotized her in an attempt to find the answer. Hypnosis yielded the astonishing fact that Carol Danvers had become the superheroine Ms. Marvel, which Barnett would have believed was a paranoid delusion had Carol not transformed into Ms. Marvel before his eyes moments after waking her up.

As the only person who knew Carol had gained super-powers, their personal relationship evolved. Barnett was uncomfortable with the Ms. Marvel aspect of Carol's personality, advising her to give up being the superheroine if she ever wanted to regain a normal life, while Carol felt uneasy with Barnett knowing what he did, fearing that it might put his life in danger from enemies who might strike at her through him.

Nevertheless, Barnett attempted to cultivate a dating relationship with Carol, once inviting her to his beach house on Montauk Point, Long Island. While they enjoyed a nice, bathing suit-clad stroll on the beach, the day was interrupted when Ms. Marvel's seventh-sense premonitions alerted her to nearby trouble. Carol later invited Barnett to her hometown of Boston to visit her parents; while there, Barnett, as a Naval reservist, was invited to an Indian Summer Ball aboard the U.S.S. Constitution, to which he brought Carol as his date. That evening was also disrupted by nearby super-powered villainy which Ms. Marvel was compelled to combat.

Despite these problems, Barnett began to fall in love with Carol, seeing in her a damaged soul he desired to protect. Unfortunately, Carol's fears regarding Barnett's own vulnerability proved valid when he was targeted by Arthur Shaman, an operative of Advanced Idea Mechanics, who had been tasked with learning how Carol Danvers had discovered the existence of an A.I.M. base beneath Alden's Department Store. Shaman used his powers to put Barnett in a trance, but luckily did not learn that Carol was Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel, with the assistance of the Defenders, rescued Barnett, and with the help of Clea, Barnett did not remember the events of his abduction.

When Barnett brought up the uncomfortable subject of the origin of Ms. Marvel's persona during an impromptu lunch, Carol started to sever ties with Barnett and saw him less and less, though they remained friends.

Barnett attended a party at Carol's apartment after she was fired from her job as editor of Woman magazine, and there became drunk and attempted to profess his love for Carol openly. Unfortunately, his actions drew the attention of Raven Darkholme, a shape-shifter and secret enemy of Ms. Marvel's who was also attending the party. Pursuant to her own motives, Raven Darkholme visited Barnett in his psychiatry office disguised as Carol Danvers and murdered him with her bare hands.


First Appearance: Ms. Marvel (1977) #2

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Issue Appearances:
Ms. Marvel (1977)
The Defenders (1972)

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