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Real Name: Oonagh Mullarkey.
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Plasmer is composed of some sort of protoplasm, which she can reshape into virtually any form imaginable. She can even split into multiple forms, although these become progressive smaller, as well as less coherent, as her intellect is fragmented among these forms. She can grow in size, presumably drawing mass from an other-dimensional realm (Kosmos?--or another). She can increase her strength to uncertain levels (at least Class 50) and her protoplasmic composition makes her highly resistant to conventional forms of injury. She can even form portions of her body into various types of fully functional weapons.
Oonagh Mullarkey is a genius in genetics, and Plasmer likely retains some degree of this knowledge.

In the process of attempting to increase her own abilities through a combination of magic and science, Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey split herself into good and evil halves. Her original body retained the "evil" personality, while the "good" aspects were given a form made of a protoplasm-like substance--Plasmer. After a brief journey of self-discovery, she found and freed Jack Smithers, who told her that her other self was trying to release a group of British Sleepers that might destroy the world.
Plasmer found, confronted, and deactivated the first Sleeper, with the aid of the Black Knight, Captain Britain, and Captain Kerosene (and despite the interference of the Ambassador). The first Sleeper recovered, shed its original programming with the assistance of Smithers, and joined Plasmer and her allies against the other Sleepers. Mullarkey took temporary control of the second Sleeper, but it eventually broke free from her control, activated all of the remaining Sleepers, and came after her. Plasmer and her allies destroyed that Sleeper, which defeated the other Sleepers activated by it. They enlisted the aid of the Silver Surfer, who combined powers with Plasmer and the Doorman to overcome Aftermath, the third Sleeper. Mullarkey was not pleased to owe her life to her "good" self, and vowed to destroy her. Plasmer resolved herself to opposing the eeevil of her other self.


First Appearance: Plasmer (1993) #1

Other Identities:
Oonagh Mullarkey

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Issue Appearances:
Plasmer (1993)

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