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Real Name:
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As a Warhead, Che was trained in various forms of armed and unarmed combat, as well as combat strategy, espionage, hostile terrain, etc. He was an especially fast and agile warrior. He used a variety of conventional and unconventional firearms, as well as other weapons. In addition, he possessed immunity to mystic attack and could summon his chi to deliver powerful punches, sort of like Iron Fist.

His abilities since his transformation are unrevealed.

??) - The details of Che's past life are unrevealed. He had some training from a Shaolin Priest. At some point, he became a member of Mys-Tech's space/dimension/time-hopping scavengers, the Warheads. He led a group of a troop known as Malkuth, working alongside another man known as Boot.

(Shadow Riders#1/2) - On one mission, the Warheads traveled to a wormhole which apparently brought them into conflict with Cable, apparently aboard his then orbiting satellite Greymalkin. All other members of the Troop were killed, including Boot. Boot was forced back through the wormhole, where he was taken by Vorin to become one of his Shadow Riders, resurrected warriors assisting his battle against Mys-Tech. Che was captured and questioned by Cable, who convinced Che of the evil inherent in Mys-Tech.

(Warheads#5) - Che returned to Mys-Tech Central, reported the deaths, but did not reveal his dealings with Cable. One of the heads of Mys-Tech, Rathcoole, ordered Che's death as punishment for "sloppiness." Mys-Tech member Mr. Grant received the order, but was at the time under the influence of an extra-dimensional Golem, who ordered him to instead transfer Che to Kether Troop. Che became a double agent for Cable, reporting activities and attempting to minimize the evil activities of Mys-Tech. He was active with Kether Troop for several cross-time-dimension adventures.

(Warheads#6) - Against Ghengis (the Wizard Majestrix), Che was responsible for freeing the others after they had been captured. He ran a gauntlet through a variety of mystical threats, and used Liger's gun Clementine to slay Genghis.

(Warheads#7) - Che participated in the (failed) mission to attain the Sapphire Lotus, involving struggles against Death's Head and Tuck, and the entity Audit.

(Warheads#8-9) - While fleeing from Audit, the Warheads somehow interacted with a nightmare of Wolverine (while he was dream-sharing with Psylocke), which brought the Warheads into conflict with the X-Men in a the dream dimension. Che and several other Warheads located Psylocke and convinced her to sever the link, ending the conflict.

(Warheads#10) - Rathcoole sent the Warheads to Hell, the domain of Mephisto, in hopes of attaining a sword able to slay Mephisto. This resulted in a conflict with Mephisto's son, Blackheart. Che attempted to use the sword against Blackheart, but had it knocked from his grasp. Mephisto sent the Warheads back to Mys-Tech central.

(Warheads#11) - The Warheads were sent to Unearth to eradicate an anomaly, which turned out to be Death's Head. After a brief battle, they teamed up against some of the powerful demons of Unearth. When they learned that the Mys-Tech board planned to sacrifice earth to those demons, they again united to stop that plot.

(Warheads#12) - Arnheim, Che, Liger, and McBride joined a bunch of trainees in a testing exercise for the new armor, but the Warheads were kept unaware that the "drones" they were destroying were actually hypnotically reprogrammed enemies of Mys-Tech, targeted for disposal by Rathcoole.

(Shadow Riders#1-4) - After the break-up of the original Kether Troop, Che began serving as a trainer for future Warheads. He became involved in a plot by Porlock, one of Mys-Tech's leaders, to trap and destroy the Vorin and the Shadow Riders. Che's trainees were slain by the Slaughterhouse Six, agents of Porlock, as a test of their powers. Che was summoned to assist Porlock's efforts against the Shadow Riders on Arena World, but he continued to only obey direct orders, allowing the Shadow Riders every other opportunity to oppose Porlock's forces.
When the Shadow Riders, along with their temporary ally Cable, created a brief temporal warp to escape Porlock and his extra-dimensional ally, Abadon, they brought Che with them. Cable convinced him to join their efforts, but Che was slain during the escape from Arena World. Vorin then resurrected and mutated him to become one of his Shadow Riders.


First Appearance: Warheads (1992) #5

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Issue Appearances:
Death's Head II (vol. 2) (1992)
Overkill (1992)
Revolutionary War: Warheads (2014)
Shadow Riders (1993)
Warheads (1992)

Group Affiliation(s):
MI-13 (Marvel)
Shadow Riders

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