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Flamebird (04 - Bette Kane)
Real Name: Mary Elizabeth 'Bette' Kane.
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Tennis ace Bette Kane became the Titans West member Flamebird because she wanted an excuse to spend time with the gorgeous Robin. At the time, even her most generous of colleagues would not have described her as a particularly effective crimefighter, but an encounter with Nightwing (Robin's new, adult persona) had encouraged her to strive for better things. She has updated her image and modernised her techniques. She currently shares a flat in Hollywood with Matt Logan (and for a short time Beast Boy), and is part of the fledgling Titans L.A.

The question of whether this character's alter-ego survived the Crisis is a tricky one. Is she the same "Betty Kane" who was the original Bat-Girl? Well, certainly there are commonalities enough between the two to suggest the possibility, at least. In the fifth issue of Infinite Crisis, Flamebird is among a number of Earth-2 heroes who are "recalled" to a version of their former home, which strongly indicates Betty and Bette are, in fact, the same person.

First Appearance: Secret Origins (1986) Annual 03

Other Identities:
Bat-Girl (DC)(0.5 - Betty Kane)(Pre Crisis)

Favorite Characters:
Flamebird (04 - Bette Kane) is a favorite character of 5 users

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Issue Appearances:
52 (2006)
Batman Arkham: Joker's Daughter (2017)
Batman: Under the Cowl (2010)
Batwoman (2011)
Beast Boy (2000)
Birds of Prey (1999)
Detective Comics (1937)
Final Crisis: Revelations (2008)
Guy Gardner: Warrior (1994)
Hawk and Dove (1989)
Hawkman (2002)
Infinite Crisis (2005)
JLA/Titans (1998)
Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant (1998)
Secret Origins (1986)
Superboy (1994)
Team Titans (1992)
Teen Titans (2003)
The DC Comics Encyclopedia (2004)
The New Titans (1988)
The Titans (1999)
Titans Secret Files (1999)
Villains United (2005)
Who's Who in the DC Universe (1990)
Wonder Woman (1987)
Young Justice (1998)
Young Justice: Sins of Youth (2000)

Group Affiliation(s):
Titans West (01 - Original)
Wayne/Kane/Van Derm Family

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