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Professor Brent Wilcox (Marvel)

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Brent Wilcox was a theoretical physicist who worked at Empire State University. When the She-Hulk couldn't see Reed Richards in regards to a problem she was having, she went to see Professor Wilcox instead.

She-Hulk had found a box, or a frame, after one of her adventures, that when she place her hand through it, her hand disappeared. She became ill afterwards, and decided it would be best to know more about the mysterious object.

When she took the object to Professor Wilcox, he placed his hand through it as well, and when he pulled it out, his hand was frozen, as if he had dipped it into liquid nitrogen. Wilcox theorized that the object was actually a pocket universe, and that the frame was a container of some sort, keeping the contents compressed so their space-time continuum could wrap around it. When the two inspected the frame closer, they found themselves peering into a baloneyverse.

Meanwhile, The Critic, a member of the race known as The Critics (an off shoot of The Watchers) was worried that a compaction receptacle (the frame found by She-Hulk) had landed on earth, and that it's seal had already been breached twice. The first time from within, by a creature who possessed Wildmoon (the enemy She-Hulk had defeated prior to finding the frame) and the second time by She-Hulk, when she had placed her hand through it. The Critic knew that the people of earth couldn't keep their fingers out of anything, and that when the rest of the receptacles made their way to Earth, a veritable orgy of poking and popping would ensue, until all the seals were broken and the cosmos would be plunged into utter chaos.

What had happened was this: The Critic was observing and analyzing the readings of a black hole in the vicinity of the Magellanic Cloud in outer space that was sucking in the debris of a shattered solar system. He suddenly witnessed a spell called the Plunger of Patooti cast by the would-be sorcerer Dr. Angst just before going to prison on Earth. The spell reversed the suction of the distant singularity within the black hole and caused it to spew all manner of interstellar detritus across the cosmos in speeds in excess of light. In the cosmic debris was a collection of Encroachiverses encased within compaction frames, which is what the She-Hulk had found, and brought to Wilcox, and which is what would cause the destruction of Earth.

The Critic decided on a non-indigenous life form of Earth in the identity of Howard the Duck to assist the She-Hulk and Wilcox in stopping the destruction of Earth. However, upon crashing into Wilcox's office, Howard the Duck accidentally knocked Wilcox into the frame. She-Hulk quickly grabbed Howard, and they followed where Wilcox had gone.

Rather irked at the results of Howard’s appearance, the Critic anonymously plucked him, Wilcox and the She-Hulk from the Encroachiverse that into which they had been pulled. After recruiting The Terror as well to help stop the destruction, The Critic did some explaning to She-Hulk, Howard, Wilcox and now, Louise 'Weezi' Mason. Howard was able to put together that it was Doctor Angst, and his group, The Band of the Bland that had set the plan in motion. As Howard made the connection, Angst and The Band attacked.

Realizing their presence had been mystically cloaked from his senses, the Critic found himself forcibly sucked into the Black Hole (a member of The Band that had the ability to open a black hole in his chest). Professor Brent Wilcox then realized that the Black Hole was an analogue to the compaction process of the Encroachiverses as the Critic forced himself out of the villain and used his cosmic powers to absorb all the Encroachiverses and their worlds into the Black Hole. He then departed taking the Black Hole into his custody and mind wiping everyone present of the events that had occurred.

Wilcox soon developed a crush and She-Hulk, even though she refused to go out with him on more than one occasion. At one point, he even sat outside her apartment in his car, watching her, thinking that the reason she refused to go out with him was because she was dating someone else. She-Hulk, receiving a call from Weezi telling her demons were coming out of her closet, headed over to her apartment, with Wilcox following her unnoticed.

As She-Hulk entered Weezi's apartment, she fainted at the sight of Hercules, who she had had a crush on for quite sometime. Wilcox burst into the apartment to see Hercules holding She-Hulk in his arms. The two argued over who She-Hulk should be attracted to as she came around and moaned that this was her worst nightmare.

As Hercules rushes off to fight the demons, which annoys She-Hulk because he only ever thinks with his muscles, Wilcox decides to impress She-Hulk with his brains, trying to figure out a way to close the portal that's opened in Weezi's apartment. She-Hulk realizes something is familiar about the demons, and tries to tell Wilcox, but he shushes her.

After conferring with Thor, She-Hulk and Thor realize that the demons are hordes of Surtur, but Thor is confused as Surtur was defeated and the way to his realm was closed. She-Hulk figures out a way to stop the demons, by simply telling them that their master has already been defeated. The lead demon doesn't believe her until Hercules summons his father Zeus, and the shows them that Surtur fell to Odin years ago. Upset that time moved faster on Earth, commenting that in the time it took to pack, the original battle was fought and lost, the demons head back through the portal.

She-Hulk went back to Weezi's apartment to find Wilcox celebrating that they had figured out how to stop the demons. He embraced She-Hulk in a hug, and she told him there was nothing between them and never would be. Wilcox believes She-Hulk is simply playing hard to get and says he won't give up. Suddenly the portal opens behind him as a demons enters through it and says he forgot to take a souvenir from Earth. The demon grabbed Wilcox and pulled him back through the portal. Weezi and She-Hulk agree that they have to go after him, but decide to do it later.

The current whereabouts of Wilcox are unknown.


First Appearance: The Sensational She-Hulk (1989) #14

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Issue Appearances:
The Sensational She-Hulk (1989)

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