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Real Name:
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Llan is one of the most ancient of evils and said to be the most powerful. He is the architect of madness, the bringer of despair and he's the opener of the way for all evil that lurks outside. Llan was also said that he is the next worse thing to the devil himself and Llan isn't a demon or a god, something far worse. Like other members of his ilk he seems to abide by certain rules, he cannot attack a foe until they have struck out at him or use his full power from the likes of Talisman. He would be released from these rules if the Talisman was killed.

Circa 18,000 BC, Llan entered the Earth dimension with power garnered from human worshipers, a breach in the rules, which contributed to this defeat. Nevertheless, while active, Llan played an undescribed role in the Great Cataclysm which destroyed Atlantis, perhaps in conjunction with the Dweller in the Darkness, the Darkholders, the Deviants, or other major menaces at the time. When the first Talisman banished Llan, her parting curse upon him forced to take the form of a demonic idol in his next manifestation.

Circa 8000 BC, he attempted to conquer the earth, but was defeated by the Talisman of that time period. The rules of engagement seem to dictate that he can only attempt to rule the earth after ten thousand years have elapsed from his last incursion. His plans for the earth seem to be to turn it into a polluted rotting hell of which he is the ruler. It was suggested that it was through his machinations that The Great Beasts, The Dreamqueen and Pestilence all managed to make their presence felt.

Ten Thousand years ago, Llan was trapped in the form of a small statue by that time's Talisman and buried in the earth. Over the next ten thousand years with natural erosion and ground movement, the statue managed to work it's way to the surface. A young couple were staying in the vicinity and the man, Dexter, almost tripped over the statue. He uncovered it fully and Llan began to exert an influence over him. He had Dexter murder his girlfriend and then slit her throat so her blood flowed into a pan holding the statue. With this ritual done, Llan assumed a physical form by taking over Dexter's body. Having regained a physical form he then decided to go after the Talisman afilliated with Alpha Flight and her allies. He took all the Alpha members to an interdimensional combat room and tried to have Talisman strike out against him. He did this by provoking fights with various members, when he had defeated most of the members and was on the point of killing Madison Jeffries, Talisman was forced to attack him, by doing this she had released him to attack the Earth. He left Alpha behind while he went off to the Earth dimension.

In their attempts to return to Earth, Alpha found themselves traversing numerous dimensions. They followed Talisman, who could sense the gateways between these dimensions. They fought varied foes along the way including robots. They eventually made their way to a world which they believed to be Earth, however there were some discrepencies with the Earth of this reality. On this Earth Superheroes had taken over all the governments as a coalition against countries which were run by villains. The normal citizens also seemed to be frightened of heroes. Alpha were taken into custody by the heroes of this dimension, because they were not recognised. The Alpha Flight of this dimension ruled Canada with Guardian as Prime Minister. Alpha eventually managed to escape with the aid of two strange allies Santa Claus and Elvis. Ex member Judd appeared and told Alpha that they were actually on Liveworld and that during his time there he had learnt how to manipulate that dimension's reality. Talisman and the rest of the team managed to defeat their foes using this knowledge and then opened to Earth. Meanwhile Llan had been making his presence felt on Earth.

Just after Alpha Flight returned from their extra dimensional journey, they are made are through TV news that a large tradgedy has taken place in a suburb of Montreal. They go to the scene, but are denied access by local law enforcement agencies who explain that while they have been away, the government have recruited a new team Gamma Flight and Alpha Flight are not allowed to operate. This new Gamma Flight led by Nemesis arrive on the scene, but are almost defeated by the animated corpses of the dead towns people. Alpha Flight ignore their illegal status and intervene, defeating the zombies, through the animated corpse of a young child, Llan taunts Talisman and she vows to defeat him.

In an attempt to keep Alpha Flight busy while he tried to bring his aims to fruition, Llan awakened The Master from the long coma he had been in since he was defeated by Puck and the Sub-Mariner. He also attempted to draw a villain called Zeitgeist from South America, but this threat never materialised.

Llan's ultimate goal was to open the Gateway of Night to allow his army through. He hoped to do this by using the power that would eminate from a super hero battle. In an attempt to achieve this, Llan drew four American villains to Canada, Nekra, The Scorpion, The Asp and The Owl. Talisman had Alpha Flight go after them, but while battling them, Gamma Flight arrived and tried to take everyone under arrest. Witchfire of Gamma Flight cast a spell that interfered with the Sorcerer's control, and all the villains were rendered unconcious, but Alpha Flight were also placed under arrest.

With most of Alpha Flight incarcerated, Talisman recruited three ex members, Aurora, Persuasion and Laura Dean and requested that they go to Asgard to rescue another ex member, Northstar, from a cult that worshipped Llan. When they arrived there they found themselves up against numerous foes, but managed to defeat these and returned to Earth with Northstar.

With the majority of Alpha Flight in prison, Talisman went to confront the Sorcerer, it was at this time that she learnt of his last attempt to take control of the Earth and how the previous Talisman had defeated him. In the prison, Alpha Flight were confronted by monsters diguised as Canadian military members. When the monsters attacked, Madison Jeffries inadvertently killed them and they turned into charred human forms. Alpha Flight escaped, but were now fugitives. They returned to their headquarters where they met up with the newly returned ex members. Gamma Flight turned up to arrest Alpha for the murders and a battle took place. The energies released allowed Llan to open the Gateway of Night. Talisman who has seen this sends a psychic vision to Alpha Flight, and Gamma Flight see it to. They went as allies along with Canadian military personel to confront Llans army. Talisman was captured as a large battle took place. Talisman sent Northstar and Aurora to enlist the help of Dr. Strange in opening the Gateway of Day. Alpha Flight managed to make their way to the Sorcerer and a sustained attack began. Talsiman attempted to open the Gateway of Day and finds that Llan had placed many spells around it, which prevented her from doing this. It is only when Dr. Strange arrived at the other side of the gate, that their combined efforts managed to open it. When the armies from both gateways met, they canceled each other out. The Sorcerer realised that he was defeated and was drawn back to the realm where he had been originally trapped. Upon fleeing the Earth dimension, he cursed the Alphans to suffer horrible deaths before the Earth's ultimate corruption, a curse whose workings may have finally begun with the team's recent decimation by Collective"

It can be assumed that Llan is still trapped in his realm and will not be allowed an attempt to take over the Earth for another ten thousand years.


First Appearance: Alpha Flight (1983) #71

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Issue Appearances:
Alpha Flight (1983)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Mystic Arcana - The Book of Marvel Magic (2007)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition (1990)

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