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Real Name: Ethel Gaxton
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Gamma-Burn possesses superhuman strength, durability, stamina, etc. sufficient to go one-on-one against Wonder Man, and even overpower him when catching him off guard. The specific extent of her abilities are undefined. Further exposure to radiation reversed her mutation, although it has not been determined if that was temporary or permanent.

The woman who would become Gamma-Burn volunteered for research to use gamma rays in an effort to cure pre-menstrual syndrome. Like virtually every other person exposed to gamma rays, she was mutated in a large, green monster. Startled by her transformation and her new appearance's effect on people, she fled to Los Angeles, hoping to meet the star of the soap opera "Children of Our Lives," Philip Philips. Since his character in the show was in love with an amnesiac blind girl in a wheelchair, she felt he would be sympathetic to her problems. However, like everyone else she encountered, Philips was mortified by her appearance. This angered her further, causing her to strike out at and attempt to destroy everything associated with beauty, such as beauty parlors, tanning salons, beachfront property, etc. Lotus had part in sending Gamma-Burn on a rampage as part of her preparation of the population for the need for Armed Response.

Her actions drew the attention of the superhero Wonder Man, who attempted to stop her. However, his would-be sidekick, "Spider" Beach, got to close to the conflict, and Wonder Man was overpowered while trying to protect him. A second encounter generated similar problems until "Spider" convinced Wonder Man to give her another dose of radiation, using his own ionic energy, channeled through an ultra-violet tanning lamp. This treatment successfully reverted Gamma-Burn to normal. She was ecstatic until she learned that Philips had overcome his initial revulsion and had become obsessed with Gamma-Burn primal energy, rage, and ugliness. Having been able to get any normal woman he wanted, he had no interest in the now powerless woman she had become. When last seen, she was trying to force a reversion through the exposure to a normal UV lamp.


First Appearance: Wonder Man (1991) #3

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Issue Appearances:
Wonder Man (1991)

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