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Jack O' Diamonds
Real Name: Jack Winters
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Jack Winters could telepathically communicate with others and was resistant to psychic attack. He could teleport himself and others miles away, though he appeared to lose that power after being mind-blasted by Xavier. His hands were composed of a flexible diamond-like substance that was virtually indestructible. In addition to possessing superhuman destructive power, he also appeared to be superhumanly strong (Enhanced human).
As the Living Diamond his entire body was composed of the same diamond-like substance, which increased his strength (Class 10-25?) and made him virtually indestructible, though it did slow him down some and it is believed that he eventually would have been rendered immobile or even died. His diamond form was virtually immune to psychic attack.

Jack Winters was a worker at a nuclear power plant. Not making enough money to pay off his gambling debts, he decided to steal some of his boss's radioactive materials and sell them back to him. One of the flasks he was attempting to steal exploded, and Winters escaped without getting caught, after which he spent a couple weeks in a hospital. Several nights later he began to detect brainwaves and he found that his hands had transformed into flexible diamond.

Winters decided that a more powerful dose of radiation would turn his whole body into diamond and possibly increase his psychic powers as well. He plotted to recruit another mutant to help him.

As Scott Summers fled from pursuers after first using his powers in public, he came upon the shack of Jack Winters who sensed his presence and psychically summoned him into the shack as well. When Scott entered, Winters told him that he, too, was a mutant, and that they were born to rule.

Winters explained what mutants were to Summers, after which he sensed approaching police and teleported Summers and then himself somewhere outside West Chester county New York. Winters then shared his origins and told Summers his alias of Jack O'Diamonds. Winters threatened to kill Summers if he refused to assist him in increasing his power, but Professor X--having been tracking Summers with his computer Cyberno--mentally tried to convince Winters to abandon his quest for power. Professor X confronted Winters who ordered Summers to blast him, but Summers refused, not wishing to kill the man. Professor X found that Winters' mental powers protected him from psychic attack, and Winters moved forward to destroy him.

Unable to overcome Xavier's powers completely, Winters could not grab Xavier himself, so he again ordered Summers to blast him, and Summers again refused. Winters then smashed a support girder and hurled it at Xavier, but this caused the roof to cave in, and they fled. His teleportational ability apparently lost in Xavier's attack, Winters led Summers to the plant, and Summers blasted a guard's gun to prevent Winters from hurting the man. Winters then rushed into the plant and exposed himself to the energies of a cyclotron. Professor X arrived outside the plant and subdued the other guards attacking Summers, and Winters continued to increase his power until he burst through the wall of the plant, now a Living Diamond.

Winters confronted Summers and Professor X, ignoring the latter's efforts to convince him to give up so he could help him. Professor X's mental bolts could not penetrate the Living Diamond's body, and Winters prepared to smash Xavier until Summers blasted Winters back. Summers and Professor X fled into the plant and located an Ultrasonic Vibration-Inducer just seconds before Winters smashed the door down. With Xavier's guidance, Summers trained the Vibration-Inducer on Winters, which made it harder for Winters to move. Winters resisted fiercely and his struggle against the vibrations caused his body to explode, leaving nothing behind. Summers felt guilty about causing Winters' death, but Xavier told him that Winters would have soon died without treatment anyway and that they had acted both in self-defense as well as to try to save Winters.

Winters was resurrected as a zombie by Black Talon to fight She-Hulk, but was defeated.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1963) #39

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Issue Appearances:
Marvel Legacy: The 1960's Handbook (2006)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
The Sensational She-Hulk (1989)
Uncanny Origins (1996)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
X-Men: Children of the Atom (1999)
X-Men: Grand Design (2018)

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