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Real Name: Farouk al-Fasaud
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The accident that gave Fasaud his powers left him as a living electronic image. As a result, Fasaud can generate enough electrical current to inflict damage as minor as a second degree burn, or electrocute a person to death. He can also increase the output of his electrical current faster than the Human Torch can raise the intensity of his flame. Fasaud can teleport his image faster than the eye can blink, travel through devices that transmit electronic signals, and take over any electronic device to put it under his control. Fasaud can become intangible by transforming into pure energy to escape harm, or turn solid so that he may cause physical injury to others. Fasaud has also claimed that since he is not of the flesh, he cannot die even though his image may be disrupted.

Sheikh Farouk Al-Fasaud lived such a secretive life that no one knew of his existence other than those in the highest levels of government. He was the oil minister of the country of Aquiria, and because of that position, he was one of the richest and most powerful men on the planet. Fasaud was a very influential man and could make powerful groups such as OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) bend to his will as he saw fit. This made reporter, Gregory Dunbar, do some exploring into the life of Fasaud. Dunbar found out information he wasn't supposed to be privy to, and this led to a full scale investigation by the media. Fasaud could no longer remain a mystery as he now had cameras in his face every day and his life and finances were picked apart. Soon, those who backed Fasaud pulled away from him as more of the truth behind his business dealings was revealed. He blamed Dunbar for all of his recent misfortunes, and while Dunbar was working in Aquiria, Fasaud tried to kill him. Dunbar instinctively ducked away from the knife that was aiming for him, but it found a second target in a video camera. The knife completed a circuit and Fasaud, still holding onto it, was electrocuted. Most of the world thought Fasaud died that night, but Dunbar saw the amazing transformation as a flesh and blood man turned into an electronic monster. Eventually, Fasaud came to New York in search of Dunbar and attacked the maid in Dunbar's home until she revealed her master's whereabouts.

A shocking reception for the Human Torch
The Human Torch was passing by when he was flagged down by other members of the staff and was told what had transpired. The rest of the Fantastic Four were assembled, and they raced over to the television studio Dunbar was currently working. They arrived just as Fasaud made his play for revenge on the news reporter. The Fantastic Four could not stop the living video image, and the Torch was almost killed as Fasaud pushed him to the point of going nova, making the flame around him explode as he was high over the city. The Thing managed to drive Fasaud away by using cable insulation to disrupt his image, and Dunbar told the Four his story. The Thing assigned the Human Torch and Crystal to stay in New York to protect the reporter while he and Ms. Marvel traveled to Aquiria to see what else they could learn.

The Thing and Ms. Marvel were greeted by the American Ambassador and the President of Aquiria who assured them that Fasaud was an embarrassment to his country. However, further investigation led these two heroes to believe that something more sinister was going on in this foreign land. Meanwhile in New York, Fasaud returned and attacked the remaining two members of the Fantastic Four, but Crystal used her elemental powers to create a lightning storm in order to disrupt Fasaud's image once again. This disruption forced Fasaud to transmit his image back to Aquiria just as the Thing and Ms. Marvel stumbled into a secret shuttle base, but Fasaud electrocuted them into unconsciousness before they could learn why it was there. They were imprisoned inside the shuttle launch bay, but the Thing proved to be too strong and broke free of his chains. Freeing Ms. Marvel and battling their way through Aquiria�s armed forces, Ms. Marvel suggested that in order to stop Fasaud the satellite uplink in Aquria should be destroyed. Seizing the shuttle, the two members of the Fantastic Four found themselves in space ready to destroy the satellite until Fasaud took control of it. Fasaud used the internal defenses of the satellite to launch an assault on the shuttle as he manifested a physical image of himself inside the shuttle to attack them personally. The Thing managed to out maneuver the satellite's offensive weaponry and destroy it which weakened Fasaud considerably. In order to survive that far from Earth, Fasaud needed more power to draw on so he took control of the shuttle and made it dive toward the planet below. The Thing pummeled the shuttle's controls and shorted them out which drove Fasaud's influence out and led Ms. Marvel to believe that Fasaud had died.

Fasaud survived, re-appearing in London with R.A.I.D. in their large terrorist plot on the city. His task was disrupting electronic equipment that allowed the rest of the group to enter England undetected. However, a telepath working with MI5 caught him and he agreed to aid MI5 in stopping the attacks rather then face death from an EMP. He was used against fellow R.A.I.D. operative Ecstasy to neutralize her powers when she attacked MI5 headquarters. As a result, Fasaud may have been consumed by the Darkforce, making his current whereabouts unknown.


First Appearance: Fantastic Four (1961) #308

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Issue Appearances:
Fantastic Four (1961)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2002)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1989)
Union Jack (2006)

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