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Madame Doll
Real Name: Priscilla Dolly
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Pricilla had an unknown amount of magical skills and abilities.

Priscilla Dolly was the wife of Nathan Dolly, a world traveling dealer in curios and art objects. He often sent his wife dolls from various countries he visited, and she built up a considerably varied collection.

Nathan Dolly, unbeknownst to his wife, would later become known as the villainous Mister Doll, until an encounter with Iron Man left him without the use of his magical mind-controlling talisman.

Mister Doll, seeking power once more, hoped to use small wooden figurines that were infused with mystical powers, but his spirit wound up trapped in two wooden figurines with no way to reverse the process. Dolly mailed himselves to his wife in America. There, Dolly researched the occult until he discovered a way to transfer his life essence into full-size manikins. At some point, however, Priscilla Dolly's sanity slipped, and she believed the manikins to be her sons, complete with names and histories as William and Jacob Dolly.

Nathan Dolly used his manikin bodies to commit crimes as Brother Grimm (note singular,) and it is suggested that Priscilla knew something of her "sons" activities. At one point, Spider-Woman (in her civilian identity of Jessica Drew) and her mentor, Magnus, became tenants in Priscilla's spare rooms. Eventually, Priscilla hatched a plan to kidnap Jessica Drew and her boyfriend, S.H.I.E.L.D. espionage agent Jerry Hunt. Calling herself Madame Doll, she hoped to force Magnus, a powerful magician, into restoring Nathan Dolly to a human body once more. However, Magnus and Spider-Woman ultimately prevented Dolly from possessing Hunt as his victim, and his life essence dissipated. Priscilla was left mourning over the lifeless bodies of her two "sons."
Priscilla was remanded to a mental hospital, still under the delusion that her sons were alive, and she was often visited by Jessica Drew.


First Appearance: Spider-Woman (1978) #3

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Issue Appearances:
Spider-Woman (1978)

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