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Real Name: Dromedan
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Dromedan possesses massive psychic powers, allowing him to control the sensations of others, placing them under his direct mental control, or fooling them with illusions. He also apparently possessed telekinesis, which is presumably how he was able to create tidal waves.

1,000 years ago, Thor had come to Earth, hoping to find new followers for his people, when he heard Dromedan's telepathic cry for help. After opening Dromedan's crypt, Thor realized he was evil, and sealed him back inside.

However, Druig, son of Valkin, came to believe that he could control Dromedan, and built a device (also called a Neutralizer Helmet), to set him free. However, Dromedan was much more powerful than he was, and took over his mind. Dromedan then set about finding agents to defend himself against his enemies, and Incas to serve as slaves, and build temples for him.

The Eternals Virako, Valkin and Ajak came upon this scene with Thor, and Dromedan unleashed his first two agents, Thunder and Tutinax. When Thor defeated Thunder, he caused the sky to grow dark, to aid Tutinax, but was surprised when Tutinax vanished from sight, having been pulled into the future by Zakka.

Now alone, Dromedan unleashed a tidal wave against his foes, but Thor drained it into a crevice created by his hammer. Down to his last resources, Dromedan opened a Deviant Coagulation Chamber, releasing the World-Devouring Worm, a massive earthworm which continued to grow with each second. Virako managed to destroy the worm, taking his own life in the process.

Finally, Dromedan waded into battle against his foes directly, but Ajak dropped the Neutralizer Helmet upon his head, which Thor sealed with his hammer.

BTS- At some point in the following centuries, Dromedan apparently escaped again, and was re-captured by Zuras, who sealed him in a new tomb, below New York City.

(Eternals I#16)- In modern times, a robot of the Hulk had gained cosmic powers due to exposure to the Uni-Mind's energies, and as its energy spilled out of it, it tunneled beneath the surface, unsealing Dromedan's crypt. When the Eternals Makkari and Ikaris investigated, Dromedan captured them and placed them under his control. Up above, Zuras realized what had happened, and journeyed below to the crypt, recovering Dromedan's Neutralizer Helmet. His arrival managed to briefly free Makkari and Ikaris from Dromedan's enthrallment, as they prepared to face Dromedan.

(Eternals I#17)- The three Eternals attempted to join forces against Dromedan, but his powers were so vast that it was impossible to get near enough to clamp the helmet onto his head. Finally, they were joined by Sersi, who conceived of a means to defeat him. She created multiple illusions of Ikaris and sent them against Dromedan. Dromedan falsely believed one of them was the true Ikaris, and after destroying them all, was surprised when the real Ikaris appeared from behind a rock, and fired his eye-beams at Dromedan! Dromedan disintigrated, and his crypt collapsed.

(Real Heroes#1) - Years later, the super-heroes Ant-Man (Scott Lang) and the Black Panther, with the Thing's assistance, were conducting experiments on a new Wakandan Vibranium alloy. When the containment field failed, the alloy discharged amplified energy in the form of "tendrils of pure power," which extended for miles from Four Freedoms Plaza. The discharge awakened Dromedan from his "comatose healing trance," and he used his mental powers to drive a crowd of bystanders temporarily insane.

When the Panther and the Thing came upon him, he dominated their wills, and forced them to fight. At the X-Mansion, Professor X detected the goings-on, and he and Jubilee (the only X-Man not currently on a mission) arrived on the scene. The Professor broke Dromedan's control over the heroes, and read his mind to learn his history. While Jubilee held back the maddened crowd, Professor X continued to shield the four heroes from Dromedan's influence, and telepathically guided the Black Panther to find Dromedan's underground tomb, while the Thing battled Dromedan hand-to-hand. The Panther located the Neutralizer Helmet, and the other three kept Dromedan occupied until the Panther slammed the helmet back into place, freeing the bystanders from Dromedan's influence. The comatose Dromedan was thrown back underground.


First Appearance: The Eternals (1976) #16

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2002)
The Eternals (1976)
The Real Heroes (1994)
Thor (1966)

Group Affiliation(s):
Deviants (Marvel)

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