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Real Name:
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It has never been revealed if Phreak’s powers were the result of mutation or technology. She has demonstrated the ability to enter into cyberspace while maintaining a humanoid form. Phreak was able to hack into computers and steal files while in this state and possessed the ability to disrupt computer systems with viral energy. While in cyberspace, she was able to convert her form into electronic energy and travel at superhuman speeds. She was a competent fighter and was shown to have some knowledge of martial arts. She probably had extensive knowledge of computer systems and computer programming.

Phreak was employed by Moses Magnum, the new ruler of the small African nation of Canaan and sent on a mission to recover secret military documents within the computer mainframe belonging to nearby Wakanda. Having the ability to send her form digitally through cyberspace, she located the classified military file but was interrupted by Deathlok who was hired by the Black Panther to fix the system and prevent the many security leaks that were happening lately. Phreak attacked Deathlok with blasts of viral energy and attempted to escape with the files.

Phreak ambushed Deathlok as he tried to follow her. Grabbing Deathlok by his head, she began to erase his programming by infecting him with more concentrated blasts of viral energy. Deathlok struck her in the face with a fist and she began to scream at him, “nobody punches me.” She tried to kick Deathlok but her foot was grabbed and the cyborg hero slammed her into a wall. Recovering, she attempted to blast Deathlok once again but this time, he fired a blast of his own which strikes hers at the same time. The resulting blast forced her out of cyberspace and she returned to Canaan without the files and to an unknown fate at the hands of Moses Magnum for failing her mission.


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Issue Appearances:
Deathlok (1991)

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