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Peter Vashnevskaya

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Peter is a highly-trained mercenary, who is quite capable of disarming or killing the average person in a matter of seconds. He does not murder indescriminantly, but has no qualms about using tasers, pepper gas and other non-lethal weapons on non-combatants found in a target area.

When paired up with the Skorpion 19 battle mech, Vashnevskaya is nearly unstoppable, utilizing the armour and weaponry of a combat mech fused with the creativity and brainpower of a human fighter.

Peter suffers from complex partial temporal lobe seizures accompanied by episodic dyscontrol. Translated into ordinary layman's terms, this causes uncontrollable states of temporary euphoria followed by hallucinations, violent bursts of focused anger, and blackouts. The condition is inoperable, progressive, and fatal: the longer he lives, the more frequent the seizures will become, and the closer he gets to death.

Vashnevskaya was one of a small cadre of mercenaries, picked by a handful of European corporations to lead a raid on Genom and steal some of their trade secrets.

Unfortunately for him and his team, someone leaked information of the attack to Genom, and a squad of combat Boomers intercepted the group while they boated through Tokyo Bay. Everyone on Vashnevskaya's team was killed by the Boomers, and Peter himself was knocked unconscious when Genom unleashed an antipersonel pulse weapon designed to disrupt human neural activity. The pulse should have killed him, but it didn't; instead, it scarred his brain with thousands of microlesions, causing him to suffer from grand mal seizures.

Three years after the incident, Vashnevskaya was contacted by a man who claimed to represent Peter's former European employers, and that the contract on the old mission is still viable. Vashnevskaya was no fool - he realized his old bosses were in no position to make such a bold claim. The man visiting him was actually from Genom, wanting to lure Peter back to Megatokyo in the hopes that Peter will link up with the piece of heavy-duty military hardware that was never used in the original operation, the Skorpion 19, so that Genom can destroy both Peter and the Skorpion and be done with everything.

He returned to Megatokyo, but unfortunately his mission put him in the way of the Knight Sabers, and while they could have been allies, he learned that Sylia Stingray had information that he could use to wipe out Genom and staged an attack on one of the Knight Sabers' safe houses with the Skorpion. His initial attack caught them by surprise, but he was ultimately unable to overcome them and was killed after his Skorpion-19 suffered enormous damage and self-destructed.

When Peter suffers from seizures, he attempts to isolate himself as much as possible, to ensure the violent outbursts are directed only at himself. Because of this, his body is terribly scarred. Most notable among the damage are the four jagged scars that run down both sides of his mouth and chin, the large one that crosses his left cheek just below his eye, and the ring finger of his right hand which is missing completely.

First Appearance: Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal (1994) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal (1994)

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