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Raze (Marvel)(01 - Skrull)
Real Name:
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Raze is a Skrull born without the ability to change shape. However, he is a superb athlete, hand to hand fighter, and carries knives and guns which he is very proficient at using.

Raze was a Skrull born without the natural Skrull ability to shape shift. When Raze was just a little more than a boy, his brother Vranx killed their parents. Raze swore revenge on his brother. Raze ended up becoming a bounty hunter and spent many years chasing his brother all over the universe, while all the while, Vranx would shape shift into a new identity and a new set of crimes every time his brother got close.

Raze chased Vranx to the planet Calculex, where he immediately set out asking locals if they had seen him. After "pressuring" a local, he learned that Raze was at a bar called "the Dark Side." Raze entered the bar and called Vranx out, saying that if Vranx didn't show himself then he would kill everyone in the bar until he found him. Vranx stood up and Raze raised his gun and was about to kill Vranx when the Silver Surfer interfered and screwed up Raze's aim. Raze explained that Vranx had left a trail of corpses across three galaxies and Surfer should have let Raze kill Vranx. Surfer insisted on helping Raze bring Vranx to justice, without killing him.

Later, Raze, along with the Silver Surfer, found Vranx again. Silver Surfer tried to stay out of the fight and let Raze settle his own feud. Raze fought with his brother, and though he managed to graze him with a shot from his gun, before long, Vranx was standing over Raze and prepared to finish him off. However, before he could, the Silver Surfer interfered again and knocked Vranx out. Raze then took out a knife to kill Vranx, but was stopped by the Silver Surfer. But when the Surfer least expected it, Raze pulled out a gun and shot his brother dead, revealing to Surfer Vranx's true form as a Skrull. Surfer vowed to bring Raze in for his crimes.

Raze used the distraction caused by Genis-Vell's arrival to escape.


First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Silver Surfer (1987)
Skrulls! (2008)

Group Affiliation(s):
Skrulls (Marvel)

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