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Doctor Mandibus
Real Name:
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Dr. Mandibus was small (only a few feet tall) and it is highly improbable that he had any enhanced physical abilities, but he wore prosthetic scalpels on his fingers that could easily tear through flesh. His bottom half was mechanical and supported by a single wheel. Whether this was for convenience, or due to injury is unknown. He was skilled in surgery far beyond any human surgeon.

Little is known of Dr. Mandibus except for the fact that an undetermined amount of time ago, he set himself up as the only criminal surgeon in his sector. At one point he was contacted by Geatar, the first mate of Nebula. Geatar made arrangements with Dr. Mandibus for Mandibus to repair Nebula's extensive injuries.

Geatar brought Nebula to Dr. Mandibus. He welcomed them into his home with fresh blood on his shirt saying "Dr. Mandibus will see you now."

Mandibus examined Nebula with his machines. He discovered that she had suffered a complete neurological shutdown except for her motor systems, and he would need to almost completely restructure and/or rebuild her higher systems and would be starting from scratch. Though he admitted it was a complicated procedure, he was confident that he could pull it off. He asked Geatar what kind of personality he wanted for Nebula and was instructed to make her the same as before. Mandibus then began his surgery, which as usual for him, was very messy

After many hours of surgery, Mandibus came out and to his waiting room and told Geatar he was finished. Geatar got all anxious and picked Mandibus up and demanded to know Nebula's condition. Mandibus held his finger scalpel up to Geatar's throat and was promptly put down. He then announced that his procedure was a complete success. He then brought in Nebula, who was as good as new, with some cybernetic enhancements, specifically her left arm and left side of her face.


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Silver Surfer (1987)

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