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Clumsy Foulup
Real Name:
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Clumsy Foulup was originally a lowly member of the crew of the space pirate known as Cap'n Reptyl. His dull-witted and bumbling nature earned him the name Clumsy Foulup. When Reptyl abducted the former herald of Galactus, Nova II, Foulup ate some plants, which placed him under the control of members of the intelligent race of plants known as the Cotati. They caused him to free Nova II, which caused Reptyl to take out his anger over his failed plans on his temporary ally, the skrull posing as the Contemplator, whom he seemingly killed and devoured his body.

Reptyl later stationed Foulup on a planet in the Coalsack Nebula, placing him in charge of his weapons depot located there. During this time, Foulup was contacted by the disembodied head of the Contemplator imposter, who convinced him to betray Reptyl in return for future power. Foulup informed the Kree ruler at the time, Nenora (who was herself a disguised skrull), and informed her of Reptyl and the Skrull's plans, allowing the Kree to ambush them and deliver a major blow to their army. While Reptyl was distracted by the sudden attack on his fleet, Clumsy stabbed him from behind and seemingly killed him.

The Contemplator imposter led Foulup into the Kree empire, which had just learned that Nenora was a skrull and was without a ruler. The Supreme Intelligence, the composite entity who usually ruled the Kree, had been drive temporarily insane by removal of the Infinity Mind Gem which allowed it to unify its Blue and White Kree minds, and was incapacitated. The Contemplator imposter used his abilities to generate a following for Foulup among both the Blue and White Kree for his role in helping them to win that battle against the Skrulls. The imposter then reanimated the projection of the Supreme Intelligence and planned to use it to secretly take control of the Kree empire, using Foulup's popularity to back him and minimize resistance to the apparent Supreme Intelligence's return to power. However, Foulup then betrayed the imposter by revealing the truth to his Kree allies. In order to combat the imposter's mental powers, Clumsy's allies led him to the Cotati who agreed to help him. During the ceremony where the Kree Tus-Katt attempted to become leader, the imposter created the seeming revival of the Supreme Intelligence as planned. However, at that time, the Cotati usurped control of the projection, claimed that it would need a period of rest, and put Foulup in control. The imposter opposed them, but was seemingly destroyed by the Cotati.

Foulup quickly took to the role of Emperor, raising taxes (for all save the army, so that they would enforce his rule), lengthening the work day, and placing telepathic jammers in his palace so that the Cotati could not control him. However, his greed caused him to push the Kree too far. During the events of the Infinity Gauntlet, in which Thanos temporarily wiped out half of the population of the universe, a rebellion formed led by the Blue Kree Ael-Dann and the White Dar-Benn. They created a robotic duplicate of the Silver Surfer which then assasinated both Foulup's military ally Dwi-Zenn, and Foulup himself. Ael-Dann and Dar-Benn then appeared, slew the Surfer robot, and positioned themselves as joint rulers to the Kree empire.


First Appearance: Silver Surfer (1987) #11

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Silver Surfer (1987)

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