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Real Name:
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Fraggin'. Presumably a diminished version of Lobo's powers. Very good with any kind of vehicle.

Weak genes eventually led to him going blind.

Slobo was a created when Li'l Lobo (cursed young by Klarion BUMBUMBUM the Witch Boy)was killed in Apokolips by Black Racer. From each drop of Lobo's blood a new Lobo was grown. They were all fully powered and aging fast, except for "Slobo" the "runt of the litter".

Not quite as bloodthirsty as the rest, he decided to pilot Young Justice back home. Back on Earth, he was in Young Justice for quite a while. Claiming to "amoral" and the only one besides Robin who could control the Supercycle, he left the team briefly after helping Secret break her father out of jail (this action was condemned by the rest of the team). He revealed that he was dying slowly as a result of being the "weak link" in the chain of Lobos, already having gone blind.

When he tried to attack Darkseid in the last issue of Young Justice, Darkseid turned him to stone and transported him to the 83rd century. He's still fully conscious of his surroundings ("Aw frag!") and it's likely he was freed by the "future" Young Justice eventually.

Despite his tough exterior (and loose morals) Slobo was philosophical and sensitive when he felt like it. He cared for all his Young Justice teammates, most of all Empress, Anita Fite, who seemed to return the feelings.

Slobo is NOT Lobo! And he isn't like Lobo. He's just a Lobo-Related Character. Actually, he kind of CAME from Li'l Lobo, who is Lobo, so he's part of Lobo, or at least Li'l Lobo, okay?

First Appearance: Young Justice (1998) #38

Other Identities:
Li'l Lobo

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
JLA: The Ultimate Guide to The Justice League of America (2002)
Superboy (1994)
Young Justice (1998)

Group Affiliation(s):
Young Justice (DC)

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"Aw Frag."

"Aw Frag."

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