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Lady Death
Real Name: Hope
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Lady Death is a fictional warlord created by Brian Pulido. Lady Death first appeared in Evil Ernie #1 produced by Chaos! Comics (of which Pulido was the founder and president) and later to various different publishers - currently (as of 2007), Avatar Press is publishing Lady Death comics.

Bio taken from the Lady Death page at Wikipedia

First Appearance: Evil Ernie (1991) #1

Other Identities:
Medieval Lady Death

Favorite Characters:
Lady Death is a favorite character of 28 users

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Issue Appearances:
Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990)
Armageddon! (2000)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death vs War Angel (2006)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: 2005 Bikini Special (2005)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: 2007 Swimsuit Special (2007)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Abandon All Hope (2005)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Blacklands (2006)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Dark Horizons (2006)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Dead Rising (2004)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Infernal Sins (2006)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Lost Souls (2006)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Pirate Queen (2007)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Sacrilege (2006)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: The Wild Hunt (2004)
Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Warrior Temptress (2007)
Brian Pulido's Medieval Lady Death: War of the Winds (2006)
Chaos! Gallery (1997)
Chaos! Quarterly (1995)
Deep Black (1997)
Evil Ernie (1991)
Evil Ernie (I) (1998)
Evil Ernie (Straight to hell) (1998)
Evil Ernie 0 (1993)
Evil Ernie 1: Die Auferstehung (1998)
Evil Ernie Special Limited Edition (1992)
Evil Ernie Youth Gone Wild Director's Cut (1995)
Evil Ernie: Baddest Battles (1997)
Evil Ernie: Revenge (1994)
Evil Ernie: Straight to Hell (1995)
Evil Ernie: The Resurrection (1993)
Evil Ernie: Youth Gone Wild - Encore Presentation (1996)
Lady Death (1994)
Lady Death (1997)
Lady Death (2010)
Lady Death / Bedlam (2002)
Lady Death / Chastity/ Bad Kitty: United (2002)
Lady Death / Purgatori (1997)
Lady Death / Shi (2006)
Lady Death & Bad Kitty (2001)
Lady Death 0 (2008)
Lady Death and Jade (2002)
Lady Death Annual 2006 (2006)
Lady Death Free Comic Book Day 2012 (2012)
Lady Death II: Between Heaven & Hell (1995)
Lady Death III: The Odyssey (1996)
Lady Death in Lingerie (1995)
Lady Death IV: The Crucible (1996)
Lady Death vs. Purgatori (1999)
Lady Death vs. Vampirella (1999)
Lady Death vs. Vampirella II (2000)
Lady Death: A Medieval Tale (2003)
Lady Death: Alive (2001)
Lady Death: Dark Alliance (2002)
Lady Death: Dark Millennium (2000)
Lady Death: Death Goddess (2005)
Lady Death: Dragon Wars (1998)
Lady Death: Icon (2008)
Lady Death: Judgement War (1999)
Lady Death: Last Rites (2001)
Lady Death: Moments (2009)
Lady Death: Origins (2010)
Lady Death: Retribution (1998)
Lady Death: Swimsuit 2001 (2001)
Lady Death: The Rapture (1999)
Lady Death: The Wicked (2005)
Lady Death: Tribulation (2000)
Lady Death: Visions (2008)
Lady Death/Chastity (2002)
Lady Death/Medieval Witchblade (2001)
Purgatori vs. Lady Death (2000)
PUs by Budd (2011)
Queens of Halloween (1996)
Smiley The Psychotic Button (1998)
Superheroes: The Heroic Visions of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell (2000)
The Cave Drawings of Budd Root (2008)
The LADY DEATH Ashcan Edition (1995)
The Omen (1998)
The Omen: Vexed (1998)
Vampirella: The New Monthly (1997)
Vampirella/Lady Death (1999)
Witchblade/Lady Death (2001)
Wizard Ace Edition (1995)

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