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Jamie (Doctor Who)
Real Name: James Robert McCrimmon (sometimes MacCrimmon)
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Scots Highlander from the 16th century who stowed away on the Doctor's TARDIS following an encounter with Ben, Polly and the Second Doctor.

In terms of total number of televised episodes, he still ranks as the longest-serving companion, and was the first televised companion to appear in comics. His introduction alongside John and Gillian provide a means by which über-fans of Doctor Who can claim that the TV Comics range confirm the presence of a mythical season 6b--that is a season which existed between Patrick Troughton's final appearance at the end of season 6 and Jon Pertwee's first appearance at the top of season 7.

The comic Jamie McCrimmon was also the first televised companion to be killed off in comics—and by no lesser a writer than fellow Scot, Grant Morrison.

Two things really cinch the claim that the TV Comic are best considered a part of Season 6B, though. One is the method by which Jamie is introduced to TV Comic readers. He, quite by chance, runs across the Doctor again after some period of separation, yet clearly has memories of the Doctor. This quite contradicts his separation from the Doctor on TV, which had him returning to his own time with his memories completely wiped. His TV Comic run must've occurred, then, before the very end of part 10 of "The War Games". This speculation is confirmed by the way in which Jamie and the Second Doctor finally depart TV Comics. In their final strip, they are recalled to Gallifrey to face judgment. It is assumed that this is the Judgment of "The War Games".

First Appearance: TV Comic (1951) #873

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Issue Appearances:
Doctor Who 100-Page Spectacular (2012)

Doctor Who Magazine (1979)
Doctor Who Magazine Special (1980)
Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time (2013)
Doctor Who: The Forgotten (2008)
Grant Morrison's Doctor Who (2008)
The Dr Who Annual (1965)
TV Comic (1951)

Group Affiliation(s):
Doctor Who companions

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