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Edward Lansing

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Edward Lansing once held a full professorship at a great teaching hospital, however the administration disapproved of his theories and methods, and he was eventually fired from his position.

Lansing headed to San Marino, a place he considered a dumping ground for those society wished to ignore and forget. The old, the sick and the mentally infirm.

It was in San Marino that he chose to continue his experiments. He chose socities outcasts as his subjects in trying to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum to create a race of invincible warriors.

After years of failure, years of death, he finally succeeded in creating his warrior supreme, a Mutate. Unfortunately, the process left his subjects mentally unstable, turning them essentially into mindless beasts.

After Hercules and The Black Widow of The Champions ran into his "prototype", Old Billy, they were taken hostage by Lansing. Using the same experiments on the pair, he turned them into his mindless slaves and sent them agains the rest of the Champions.

The Black Widow was able to break free of the effects after trying to kill her dear friend Ivan and attacked Lansing, knocking the control box he was using to mind control his Mutates out of his hands and them smashing it. Lansing tried to flee, only to run into his Mutates, who savagely, and mindlessly killed Lansing.

Hercules and The Black Widow were left uneffected by the experiments Lansing performed on them, however, the rest of the Mutates were not so lucky and remained in their mindless state.


First Appearance: The Champions (1975) #4

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Issue Appearances:
The Champions (1975)

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